Therefore, Beihai is actually median in Bayu.,Word of voice is not large,Get limited resources,I don’t know how much it is.,Only half of the seven stars,Let him impact half a step martial art。

“Small sea,Everything deals with oneself!”Ben Ning Dwick’s voice,He knows that Lin Feng is not easy to go to this point.。
Tan medicine value of an impact martial domain,Can he know。
Beihai Wen Yan wants to return to the words,Lin Feng’s figure but walked over:“Bell,This is not a difficult thing.,to be honest,I have been out of my medicinal herbs.,But contributing to the Chamber of Commerce,姨,According to the reward penalty rules,Even if you get a two-shock, Dan medicine is not a problem.,Again our brotherhood is here,I give other brothers.,You can also give the sea brother。”
“You don’t need Dan medicine.,She will not martial arts。”Beninde Road。
“姨 不 武 武 武,Her son will。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Moreover,Take out one or two medicinal herbs,It’s not much for me.。”
“This!”Beninde I still say something?,People say that I have money,I do not care。
“All right,Brother-in-law,This kid said it is right.,He is now thick now.,Help Beihai,Beihai stood in Baye,In the future, it is also beneficial to Xiaofeng.。”The fascinating laugh is:“Beihai,You also sport,Xiao Yan can help you.。”
“knew,Little sister。”Beihai laughs and laughs。
“Ok,Pay yourself。”Ben Ning Delhi sighed。
“Bell,Xiao Yan said it is good.,You also need to wash the marrow.,to be honest,Take money on the ground,I am too lazy to pick up.,Worthless。”Lin Feng took a cigarette to lit it to his future old man.。
“Your kid,Is an outbreak!”Ben Ningn said that Lin Feng smiled,Although he is in his mouth,But also know that in Lin Feng is not a seaport.。
Controller of the entire Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,The crescent lake Jewelry Processing Sales Co., Ltd. is simply a treasured basin.,Although it is robbed,But every day flowing in the wealth is terrible。
“upstart,necessary。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“All right,Snow and Yin。”At this time, Liu Wei happened。
“Um!”Bei Xueyin nodded。
I immediately stood up and walked out of the house of the house.,The demon ji is sitting on the driver’s seat,And Bei Xueyin sits on the pick-up seat。
“Be careful on the road!”Lin Feng Yu:“Little sister,When the time is mature, I will call me.,I go to the Miao。”
“no problem。”The fascinating laugh is:“sister,Brother-in-law,I am gone first.。”
“be careful on the road。”Liu Wei and Benin have。
“knew。”Emoy Ji Xiaoyu smiled。
“Lin Feng,Remember my words,I am serious。”Becue looked at Lin Feng Road:“Don’t grieve themselves。”
“Silly wife,I see。”Lin Feng went to laugh:“Go back。”
“Um!”Bei Xue Yin gentle nodded。
I immediately saw Ben Ningde,Liu Wei,Beihai three people,Say goodbye,Emoy Ji Xiaoyu directly drives away。
“Bell,Sea brother,姨,Let it go,We went to Moon Lake。”Lin Feng Road。
“Let it go!”Beninde,Liu Wei,Belle Sea people he nodded,I immediately took the bus and rushed to the moon.。
“姨,This bank card has265Billion dollars。”Lin Feng smiled and took out a bank card and handed it to Liu Wei.。
“How do you still have so much??You didn’t bought a lot of medicinal herbs this time.?”Liu Wei is surprising。
“I spent this time.800Billion dollars。”Lin Feng smiled and explained。
“800Billion dollars?”Tell this,Beninde,Beihai,Liu Wei is colorful,I can’t think of Lin Feng spent so much.。
“How have you have so much money??”Liu Wei looks at Lin Feng Road,She just came back and did not know the domestic matter.。
NS253chapter Bayo’s goal
“It’s too expensive to buy.,The good thing sold out this flying fairy almost was almost all of me.,So the price of bidding is relatively high.,After the auction, I will buy a Dan.,So the four elders are now promoted,I have trouble to take two people in the middle.,Go back four other people assigned to the Chamber of Commerce.。”Lin Feng explained。
“All promoted?”Beihai shocked channel。
“good,All successfully promoted。”Lin Fengboxao:“So the current chamber of commerce is more powerful than before.。”
“sharp,sharp,You are now full of。”Beihai launched:“Be too powerful,The money of the big family is very fine.,It is impossible to be like you.。”
“Then how do you have so much money??”Liu Wei doubts。
“In the East Sea, because of the cold things,I have conflicted with the people of Shenlong.,There is a play card in the mountain.168Billion dollars,Then the day and the two days of the day will be transferred to me.400Billion dollars。”Lin Feng simply explained the following:“So there is so much money。”
“Envelope,These two people have already left。”Ben Ningde。

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