“Ha ha,Okay!”Lin Feng wrote a lot of laughter。

“Old four,Your sincere look and joke。”Xianyu got a word:“I still have a few daughters.,Do you want to give you a wife??”
“Dream of dreaming。”Lin Feng haha smiled。
“Less,You don’t agree?”Xianyu god laughed。
“One sentence,Babys have no opinions,I have no opinions。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“I won’t force them to do anything.,True combination,Dear,I certainly like it.。”
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Chapter 1,746 Message of time and space
NS1746Chapter Time Wheel
“Old four,You,it is good,Since you say this。”Xian Yao also laughs:“good,Our elders cannot interfere with the late generations。”
“You are also,Marriage, such a big days,Why don’t you call me??”Lin Feng looked at the Shenxiao:“I am going to congratulations.。”
“Old four,I know that you have worked hard.,However, your little son has already gone.。”Devil is a laugh:“Little guy is good。”
“Yes,Give me this uncle’s preparation,I am embarrassed.。”Xianyu laughs:“Tartar,But now a goddess,Business,Old four,You really have a blessing。”
“Yes,envy,Many things you can do for you。”Devil is also envious:“You have made this generation.,The temple next generation,I estimate that you have three things in your home.。”
“Come on。”Lin Feng Road:“I will joke me again.。”
“This is not a falsehood,correct,The younger brother is pregnant for so long.,Haven’t born yet??”Cangnish and suddenly asked。
http://www.arrow-oil.cn “Time is too long。”Lin Feng’s mouth with a bitter smile:“You can rest assured,If the banquet is held,I must not have you.。”
“Have you this sentence。”Xianyuan:“General case,The longer pregnancy,The more powerful life。”
“Each talent is against the sky,Never under your other children。”Magic。
“Talent is on the one hand,This life is not only talent.,There are other factors,The world believes that understanding is important,I also think that perseverance is also very important.,This is actually a big wisdom.。”Lin Feng explained:“I also hurt too。”
“You hurt a hair。”
Xianyu laughs:“It’s a morning and evening.,Can’t come。”
“All right,These troublesome things don’t say,I have a glass of wine today.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I have recently possible to leave a period of time.,But this time I left a family.。”
http://www.anjiazuche.cn “Go to the blood sea office?”Magic。
“you guessed right,Go to the blood sea office,Hey-hey,This thing is too wide.,I am unknown.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“But if it is good,Can’t forget our own brothers。”
“I like it for the old four.,What is the sentence in your down?,Local tycoon,let’s be friends,I really want to say,Old four,We do a lifetime friend.。”Xian Yizhen haha smiled。
“Your school is very fast。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“go,drink wine,While drinking。”
“it is good!”
Fairy God,Magic,Cangyue has followed Lin Feng to the edge of a deep mountain waterfall in the fire.,Prepare a few small dishes,Four people drink,A few cups of wine。
“Old four,Send you a gift,I don’t know if I don’t like it.。”At this time, the fairy god smiled and reached out.,There is a crystal clear heart-shaped object in his palm.,It is a marine heart。
“Ocean heart?”Lin Feng surprised。
“Ha ha,It is the heart of the ocean,Take it,I know you need。”Xian Yizhen haha smiled to Lin Feng Road:“However, I am afraid I can only find one.,This thing is found by you.,I want to find something that is hard.。”

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