such as,Shop selling clothes。

“Beautiful clothes!”Elek and Cecilia looked at some clothes in the clear glass,Can’t help but be moved,Women regardless of size are very enthusiastic about clothes。
Wright doesn’t catch a cold with these beautiful clothes,But naturally they want to buy,He can only pay。
“These clothes are not cheap,Their materials may come from other continental waters,Even from other high planes and god planes。Like that blue veil skirt,It is said to be made of materials from the plane of water god and heaven,Defensive power is not inferior to the upper level artifact,The price is extremely high!”A voice came from behind Wright,Talking is a red-haired woman dressed very sexy。
“you are?”Elek turned around suspiciously。
“This is the first time for the three adults to come to Jiuhe City!”
“I wonder if the three adults need a guide。”Redhead Linna stared at Wright,Very sincere in tone。
As a lower god born in the God Realm of Life,She is at the bottom in Jiuhe City。She and more than 30 other lower gods spent money to live in a hotel with the cheapest fees。Although more than 30 people are responsible for this expense,But also spend a lot of wealth。She, a lower god, had to find a way to make money。
It’s not easy to be a guide,After all, in the God Realm of Life,Those middle gods from the tribe to the city, the lower gods don’t have the wealth to ask for a guide,They can’t wait to use one source stone for two。And those high gods who wander in hell,Elves,No guide at all。
Occasionally,Maybe some have wealth,But the gods who are not familiar with the place will need,And this requires her eyesight。There is a higher god in this group of three,In fact, it is headed by one of the middle gods,And according to her experience,Such a combination often requires more guidance。
Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,Then nodded,Asked:“What you want to be our guide,Then what can you do for us?”
“Three adults,I was born in Jiuhe City,Lived here for almost 50,000 years,Very familiar with every place in the city。Trading White Tower among the three castles in the city center—The black market,I know almost every regular vendor,And know the quality of the goods they sell—of course,I can’t guarantee the true or false,I only know their reputation。”
“If you want to post a task,I am also familiar with some of the staff in the fairy castle,I can help you post the task soon。”
“If you want to set up mansions and other properties in the city,As long as you have source stone,I can do it for you the fastest。”
The red-haired woman said very modestly:“Hire me,Just need100Source stone,I’m waiting for dispatch anytime this month,This can bring you great convenience。And I only accept50Source stone,If you are satisfied, you need to give me the remaining half。”
“100Source stone??It’s not very expensive,But we must be satisfied!”Wright chuckles,And throw it to Linna with a wave:“Then lead the way,If we are satisfied, we won’t be short of your fifty source stones!correct。What’s your name?”
“Thank you sir!You can call me Linna。”Linna put away this source stone。“What are the three adults coming to Jiuhe City??shopping,Still settle,Or just plan to live for a while?Still a short trip。”
“We plan to live for a while and then watch,But you still have to sell some of the items in your hand!”
“If you plan to sell things quickly,Best go to Yanyu Castle。”
“Then go to Yanyu Castle first!”Wright ordered。

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