Du Hansheng at this time,I am very worried。

“If this time,Shen Xuan came again.,So for us,It is indeed a blow。”
If you don’t say anything before Du Hansheng,So relatively,I still have a little better.。
but now,With the export of Du Hansheng,This is to let people around those people,The more you look, the more you feel very surprised.。
After all, this,think carefully,How should I handle it?。
actually,Deep in the heart of Dou Han,Poor is more comprehensively understood。
Although now,Indeed it is,But in the eyes of Dou Han,these questions,Reversely, it is quite a thorough。
And just this,Dou Han Sheng’s mouth,It’s even a touch of smile.。
“but,Even if they are really intended http://www.yiqiaohaishen.cn to continue,How is it?。”
“Did I Du Jia,Will be afraid of him Shen Xuan?”
Du Hansheng’s words,It is even more guards around those who are Dujia.,All all kinds of jumps。
After all, this,Look,It is quite important to it.。
at this time,For Shen Xuan,Such a thing,I plan to do it from what is going on.。
actually,Shen Xuan’s heart,The more you look, the more it feels quite clear.。
And just this,In fact, Shen Xuan,It is very calm。
“Now,They should have been tossed.?”
“Since this,So next,It is also the time that the turn is coming.。”
Shen Xuan performance is very calm,As if it is complete,Don’t take all this too serious。
after all,These look at Shen Xuan,I don’t think it is,What will it?。
but,In front of Shen Xuan,Warriors around those War Temple see here,It is a look that it is completely http://www.vm-online.cn exported.。
Since now I have already set this idea to do this.,So this kind of thing,Now look at it now,Inevitably solved as soon as possible,This can only。
“If you really say this?,Then this matter,In fact, I look at me.,Still inevitable。”
“This is of course,if not,Isn’t it really thought?,Let’s look like this now.,Is it very good to bully??”
“in other words,Since now,Everyone has already set this idea to do this.,So this kind of thing,Still continue。”
At this moment,With these people,I didn’t forget to say it in front of my eyes.。
at this point,In fact, no matter what kind of aspect begins.。
For them,Such a thing,In fact, think about it.,Poor is especially the key。
And Shen Xuan,Then pick the eyebrows slightly,The next consciousness looks at the eye,It is even more likely to speak on this.。
http://www.gyhuijing.cn “originally,Let’s take an estimate,How should I be dealt with?。”
“But from now on,This opportunity,Let’s everyone,Still should be firmly grasped。”
When Shen Xuan’s consciousness looks at the eye,The more like this,In fact, for the present,Such a thing,How to solve it in the end。
At this moment,Shen Xuan itself,It is very calm and casual。
In front of you,Shen Xuan’s side,Surroundings,It is completely awkward.。
“Well,Since this,Let’s everyone,Still ready to prepare。”
“exactly,Can now,Give them a little color to see again!”
When Shen Xuan’s sight is moving,This is looking at the eye。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,I plan to start working from what is going on.。

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