at the same time,Autumn is followed,Money sword sticks a piece‘Great General’Town corpses,Ying Dynasty。

A photo face,Town corpse stickers in Anna head,Qiusheng was also taken on the face,Running two laps,Falling a seven episodes。
Qiusheng shook his head and climbed up,Tongue,Just feel full of blood,Very painful but earn big,After all, he is just a little loose.,Zombies can’t move。
Haven’t come yet, fortunately,I heard the sound of yellow characters in the ear.,He looked at him,Scared。
In the sight,Female vampire tears the corpse of the corpse,Give your mouth,Action is not subject to slight interference。
Zhong Yu is still inventory,This is still!
Qiusheng hit a,Urgently restroom,Kick glutinous rice to Anna:“Give you rice,Take the number。”
I have been insulted。
Anna anger,Wat in the Qiusheng chest,She really likes millimeters.,But does not represent her insection,Don’t forget your hobbies when fighting。
Qiusheng Yisheng Money Swordsman in the Chest,How,Money sword is difficult to stop,Sound break,Copper money is everywhere。
All the claws,Take a slap in the autumn chest,咔嚓 声 声,Autumn is flying,Anna palms take a white smoke,Screaming。
A bottle with holy water is broken。
The killing of the vampire and other monsters are self-evident.,Anna’s palm rot pus,White bonesen,Three five seconds,This is broken and broken.。
Picture is discomfort,Just look at the skin。
“evildoer,Eat me a sword!”
Liao Wenjie came backward,Waving a bottle of holy water from the arms,Browse is generally squatting to Anna。
Anna’s eyes suddenly,Intense,Waving black cloak,Waiting for the spark bottle,Running off the cloak。
General effect,It’s not as good as the Qiusheng Yin Different Years.。
Liao Wenjie,I don’t want to take the last bottle of holy water.,Under the comfort of Anna,Put the holy water and poured himself。
Can’t be used as a weapon,Then use to defense,Have a matter you come to play me?!
Liao Wenjie widen the holy water on his face,When Anna’s face is taken into my neck and back,Although I didn’t speak,But the eyes have passed the meaning。
Anna’s disabled broken hand,Continuous retreat,I don’t want to let Liao Wenjie close to themselves.。
Qiusheng looks forward,Sample,Hand to wipe the holy water before the chest,Take your own face。
“come,Let me play me.!”
“Autumn,You go to help nine uncles,I will get it。”
Liao Wenjie urged a sound,The only riser of autumn is hurting him.,Supplement:“hurry up,Nine uncle can’t help it.,If you don’t go,Girl gave you,I am going to help him.。”
How to do this!
Qiusheng two words do not say,Turned to the battlefield of nine Uncle。
Yellow mean four,Light of light。
Nine uncles,Folded wood sword,Money sword,Two nosebleeds on the nose,Folk father can’t breathe。

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