The ground starts to vibrate again,Everyone is shocked,Returned to the forest。
I only have a fire burning over the air.,The ground dense linen is http://www.0733shw.cn bright。
It is these symbols to be poorly strange.,Poor suppression is under this big place。
Can so even,Returning to the forest still feels hot,Some people who are not unjust is just on the ground because of the breath of the poor.,The face of others is not very good.。
“Xiao master,this”
The sealed poor and so strength,If it breaks through the seal
The people here are known as a master,It seems that it seems that there is a bit name.。
Xiao Da’s face is not good,Poor quiz he is known,It has been a lot of strength in the past 30 years.,It is also difficult to give birth to the heart of the victorious in front of the poor.。
After thinking that it is the defeat of the mountain,After another, it is the people of Chu.,Various responsibility makes him back。
Xiao Da bites teeth:“I am a good harm, you know how you know,You can escape,But what kind of civilians should?”
After seeing a strange breath,I have been buried in my heart, I started to surface.。
Some ordinary clan can be retired,But Xiao Tai can’t retreat,Chu State royal family can’t be retired。
“Start to rest,Waiting for the immortal to come in time!”A major general of the Queen of Chu,In place。
Everyone has begun to camp with various emotions.。
It is too close to the location of the poor seal.,Whenever the poor shock seal, everyone will inexperience。
The air is filled with poor strange,The monster in the forest began to increase,The outer army has started frequent and intensive battles with the monsters.。
Han Jiang did not listen to the arrangement,Standing on the edge of the air in a tryprint。
Poor quiz each shock seal,The seal will light up。
At first glance, I feel that these seals are too magical.,It’s more and more, you can find some laws.。
Seal and integrated circuit boards are somewhat inexplicably similar,Every individual value has its own effect,After the combination is together, there is a new function.。
Hanjiang still remembers the remains of the Cang Xuan, Qinchuan, Shenzhou,Got some things about scientific cultivation。
At that time, I looked at the water.,Didn’t think there is anything,I am mistaken now, I feel wrong.。
“What are you watching??”Xiao Yun lightly and his feet asked in Hanjiang’s side。
Han Jiang fingertips,“See http://www.aicq99.cn those seal characters。”
“Oh。”Xiao Yunnian,Standing around Hanjiang。
The gossip these things are the knowledge left by the previous era.,In this episode of Cang Xuan Dan Zhu, these people completed。
Gossip can represent the universe,As long as you use your properness, there will be endless power.。
It is like power like power.,Cracking can be used in human body,Then arrange the combination to release powerful strength。
The battle of the destitutes is basically the ability to follow the instinct.,Franka is obviously another road。
Combined with Cang Xuan left,Han Jiang seems to understand something。
“I didn’t expect poor quiz to be so powerful.。”

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