The avenue is not just a silence,But there is a quiet。

Positive magic,Nothing more than different forms of expression。
In the truncation,Lack of things,Too high,Too,Less the red dust,So it seems that it is not true。
I am both on the other side of the shore,Re-enter the reincarnation。
Coming from all sings,Go into public。
Reality can be pregnant,Instead of being cultivated,Get true。
He understands what is going on next。
Let’s go to find a party,Incounded in the red dust,It is when it is a robbery.。
NS1 11chapter Red dust
“昊 天 镜!”
Along with the 山 师 师 白 白 人 人 人,The mirror returns to Su Chen hands。Old handicap,Su Chen makes it doing yourself,Let it enter black seed,Temporarily stayed with the embarrassment。
蜃 蜃 is shadow,Old miscellaneous,It’s all ethereally,Should chat。
After the mirror is activated,Su Chen has got a little new information。
Dicewalks become clear,There are seven stars in seven stars.,That is the road of seven worlds,Representing him can drop these worlds。
Differentiation of reincarnation of coming and regular reincarnation。
Normally,Even if it is a Yuanjin real,Top more memories of past life,And it’s its own realm、Other things related to practice,Basically, you can’t take away。
Such reincarnation,It’s nothing more than a lot of experience than the last life.,Still face Dan、Breaking two major tricks,Even the gods of the gods cannot be less。
And the coming of the sky,Can complete the practice of this world,Perfectly integrated into the world,Will not be rejected by heaven。
Thus,Posted in the past,It is completely cast to be a foreign base that has been deep than the past,And the air transport of itself is still,So after it comes,Will also under the influence of gas transport,There are many unexpected gains。This kind of re-repair,If you fall on a meta-life,It is enough to make him make up for most of the regrets and omissions in the past.,The ultimately cast almost perfect,Achievements that can be achieved,Nature will be much higher than the original。
For Su Tu,Practice things,Don’t do too much for the time being,Anyway, there is a mirror in hand,You can find a suitable world to improve your strength in a few road marks.,At the same time, find new good people to the mirror.,Continue to help repair the mirror。
The best thing is the catalytic black seed。
This is going to start from two o’clock:
First, in the real way of red dust, it is true for black seeds.,This is more mysterious,Random strain,Take a step first step,Anyway, long years,Slowly explore。All difficulties in the world,Years will give an answer,Morning and evening。This is the benefits of longevity,Changsheng meaning is inferior。
The second is to participate in the five elements of yin and yang,This is important to cast the roots of the world.。But there is too clear to solve him.,As long as it is willing to spend time,Al can always be harvested,Nothing to use for thousands of years,Still tens of thousands of years or more。
At this point,As a great advantage of the gods than Tianxian。
Because Tianxian has five decisions,Ten thousand years of decoy,Generally,Every robbery is a life of nine deaths,Only the five decline,Can enjoy the long life of the fairy。
It’s just that the immortal of the Yuan God is better than the god.,That is the celebration of the sky。Tianxian’s grasp of the blessings of oneself,Generally, it is very precise,Only when the decline is approaching,Be hijacked fans,Will hurt。
The body of the god is not good at the opening of the world.,Therefore, many times have a http://www.jiangjun163.cnrobbery.,Don’t know,Therefore, the gods don’t have the robbery.,It is easy to be robbed。
But Su Chen has mysterious thinking.,It is made up for this disadvantage.。
Suizu is thinking,In seven roads,Select the world of the world you want。

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