“Joining the Sky Parliament is also equal to the outstanding village,It is definitely not what they think can make their own countries benefit.,I let the tail choice is for this impartiality.”Spring。

If there is such an idea, it is impossible to identify the deceased.。
“You are so bad,They know that they will not be mad,Lose talent,I haven’t gotten it yet”Huizi smiled。
“Have no idea,The better, the better, the more it is.,Otherwise, where did you come to you?”Quan Wei pulls Huizi into the argument。
Just as the spring is ready to do something。
“Cough”A cough interrupted him。
White-faced red looked at two。
Huizi rushed up,Face rose red。
Spring, you have not paying attention,After all, no one has always monitored the surrounding http://www.ycsykyw.cn movement.。
He also slightly somewhat awkward。
“Be white,Just a little thing to let you notify”
“What’s up”Slightly laughing。
Spring is even more embarrassed。
“Cough,Naruto,There is also a chilaby,Come on,I have a few days.,A lot of affairs, etc.”Spring transfer topic。
“OK,I will do it right away.”White nodes。
Then ready to leave。
Just when you want to leave,She suddenly turned around。
“If you want to be intimate,Still get married soon,Don’t make so secretly”
Finish,White rides a loud laughter。
Huizi instantly faces more bombings。
Spring is also speechless。
But from the white state,I can feel that she is very relaxed now.。
This is also the enemy that Quan Yi did not announce the enemy they want to face.。
no need,Tell them not much,Instead, they will worry。
These things have http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn him enough。
“Huizi,We are married may be late,During this time,I have to continue cultivation”Spring, said。
“Spring,You don’t want to mind,I know some things you don’t want to tell us.,But we are integrated”Huizi is not surprised。
She knows that Spring has considered a lot,And that glow night has seen,Such an unknown person,Spring has not done too much explanation。
She knows that there is certain that some troublesome。
“Thank you Huizi”Springs appear on the face。
In the past, if you can have such a wife,That is just a peak of life.。
However, now Spring, he has already stood in the peak.。
“Anyway, we can live for a long time.,Why do you care about this time?”Huizi said with a smile。

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