Xiao Anzi immediately followed,Determined in the heart,Your Majesty seems to be more likely to!

An An quietly stayed on the side of the palace,Snoving the eyes of the wind,Extremely weird。
It’s been a long time.,They also thought that this wind is a high,Disdain and the show,Now it seems,Also don’t have a woman who wants to get the sacred pet.。
only,This means,It seems to be a high level?!
East side,Ji Yizhen saw the winter cream that came in the tea。
“His Majesty,Small master writing inside,Said that you can go straight。”Winter frost slightly。
really,This palace,No one can say so clearly?,Agree to the emperor。
This meaning,It’s not to go directly.,Can also directly block the emperor。
Obviously Ji Yan also thought of this,Look,The emotions have nothing to change, and they enter the study side.。
Xiao Anzi followed behind him also http://www.pianopartner.cn strangely,Dark road, this Qi Xiaoshi is not small,I dare to call the emperor?!
See Ji Ji coming in,Yun Qin stopped the pen,Blow ink,Holding a dozen pages in your hands‘Plan’,Hurry。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS259chapter Herner‘stupid’17
“Give me a look!This is a business plan for the next year.,finish watching,By the way, give me a suggestion,how?”
Yun Qin smiled, spending a plan to hold the plan to Jiyu。
He is now an emperor,And after this time,I found that he is not in other people.‘Emperor’,Maybe you can do business,I really have myself as a bright look.!
Ji Yan looked at the Qiao Qianqian,People who look forward to full of eyes,I don’t know how to get,If you refuse, you can’t say it.。
“cough,I specially wrapped around a large circle.,You will let you work hard?!”
Ji Ji reached out to the http://www.xssbq.cn plan,Unfolding。
Yunqin is a thoughts,Laugh:“I personally cook in that night.,Give you two small dishes,Waiting for the emperor,how?”
Ji Yan turned over the plan,Not think:“I have a big royal house.,A lot of delicious food,Where do you need your two small dishes??!”
“Then I will draw a painting for you.?Guarantee my painting,It is a single part on the sky!”Yun Qin Road。
“You are not small!”Ji Yan Wangwang to Yunchin Road。
“of course!”
Yun Qin smile,Ji Yan pulls to the next night tester,Tea in winter cream,I personally poured a cup of tea.。
“You are sitting here,Let me draw you.!Waiting for you to be optimistic,I am also almost painted.,Guarantee your eyes!”
Ji Yizhen is difficult to make,Replied:“in this way,I will barely help you see!”
Yunqin immediately ran to the desk,Take a drum,Start giving Jiyu portrait,Ji Yan looked at Yunqin,The head is beginning to watch the name of the hand‘Plan’s things。
In fact, this thing is quite curious.,do not know either,Like Yunqin like a woman with mysterious woman,What kind of content can you write?!
What know,Ji Yan opened a look,I can’t help you.,Immerse it in the plan。
The winter frost and Xiaohanzi next to it are two people.,An immersion‘Read book’,A serious painting,As if the years are quiet,Look around,Quietness exits the temple,Be held outside the door。
Outside the temple,The palace of the scan saw the winter frost,Brushing the winter frost to one side。
“Eh,Winter Cream Sister,Oh, Your Majesty,It’s coming to see us Qi Xiaogang.?!”
“Winter Cream Sister,Let’s Qi Xiaoying is not to fly Huang Tengda.?!”
“What flying Yellow Tengda,That is what they said,We Qi Xiaoshi,That should also be called‘Won the sacred pet’Talented!”
“Yes!Winter Cream Sister,Tell us quickly,Qi Xiaoye is following the things!”

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