“Only male?!?”Qi Rui,

“Yes,Only male,After ten years of training, they finally lived five!”
“That is, there are still four agents like Joe.?”
“Yes!Have four left!”
“That said that Zheng Yao first they have found two!The rest of the two is not very dangerous!”Ritual,
“Long pool!We need to know that two are http://www.haipiba.cn the two,This way, we have a preparation in advance.!Work, I will help us check it.!please!”
“As long as there is a chance, I will try my best.!”
I finally knew what the Gemini plan was going.!This mountain Yugui did not say a complete plan,Rui Rui probably learned that the two sons of the Gemini plan should be a spiral!
Leave the same text,Watanabe Xiongo:“Long pool!Zheng Yao did not invite you to join the specialist office??”
“Not yet!Class long!But I have a new discovery.,There is a secret training base in a mountainous area that is not far from Nanjing.,Zheng Yao first took me there.,But I didn’t agree!Because I went, I didn’t come.!”
“Are you going to Nanjing to survey?,Don’t you know where it is??”
“At the time, I was blinded.,It is also the situation in the mountains.,So can’t see what is it?!”
http://www.ningbodianqi.cn “Do they still trust you??”
“Not trusted,But where you go, people will be blinded.!”
“It seems a very secret place!Long pool!If you have the opportunity, you have to check it.!”
Half a month later,Niu Shou Mountain Training Base,Blue Carrier and Von Mana finally know what is the concept of hell.,Every day, their physical fitness will squeeze,And there are many things you have to learn here.,diving,Swim,shooting,Thaw,Tracking anti-tracking,makeup,communication,drive,Knife, etc.,Especially the knife、Fighting and shooting is a project of key training。
Half a month,Seven-seven incident eruption,From Shanghai to Nanjing people all pass the fierce of the devils in the mouth,There are more than 2,000 ways to kill.,Women will not let go,And it is more vivid,The last passing devil is basically eating people to drink the devil’s devil,Some people can be scared by listening.。
This is all academic,Because he is more than anyone else, the devil army will advance to Nanjing.,The massacre has begun.,So ritual can do it is to let the people know the murderer of the devil.,It’s so so that they escape as soon as possible.,Don’t have any luck to the devil,In addition, he can’t think of other means.。
Yihe Ocean,Kai Ziwei finally saw John again·plum,Because the other’s information is really too accurate,So I will go to the Far East Hotel almost every day, I hope to see you.。
“Mr. Li!You are finally here.!”
“I just came back from Japan.,Do you want me to participate in oriental plans??”
“Mr. Li!Our Oriental Plan is a lot of changes in the Japanese.!We welcome you to participate in this program.!This is good,But what we want to know now http://www.newstart123.cn is when the Japanese attack Shanghai?”
“Is the money ready??”
“Mr. Kayiwei!The last time you gave me, not 100,000 dollars.!”
“The last intelligence is not worth the money?!I am ready for you this time.!80,000 pounds!is it okay?”
“It’s all old acquaintances.!Can!But I don’t guarantee that this intelligence will not get!”
“Can you be cheaper??”
“Mr. Kayiwei!Can we still cooperate happily??”
“sorry!Mr. Li!Please tell!”Kai Youwei pushed the box to John·Lee’s follow,

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