The Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Industry Association Chamber of Commerce clearly put forward "four types of remediation"

People’s Network Beijing July 28 (Songz Festival) This morning, the reporter learned that the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Development and Reform Commission, and the General Administration of China were scheduled to be in the second half of this year, in the second half of this year. The Association Chamber of Commerce will conduct special cleanup rectification.

The 15 issues of special cleaning and remediation of society and companies were determined as the focus of work, roughly divided into four categories: First, rectifying forced charges. The case of compulsory charges mainly includes mandatory or changing compensation and paying a contribution, forced member units to participate in various conferences, training, examination, exhibition, evaluation selection, abroad investigation and other charging activities, and force market entities provide sponsorship, donation, order related products or Publications, etc.

The second is to rectify repeated charges.

It mainly includes only charges the contributions that do not provide services, or the basic service items contained in the context, or use the branch (representative) agency to charge a full charge.

The third is to rectify violations.

It mainly includes adopting "charge return" and other means to absorb members, collect contributions, use legal duties or administrative organs, authorization matters violation charges, through the commendation activities of the bidding, especially the 100th anniversary of the founding, etc., passed Vocational qualifications determine the violation charges to set up a branch, collect or change the management fees, sponsorship, to serve as a directors, executive director, and the person in charge to charge other expenses other than the expenses other than the cost. The fourth is to rectify and do not standardize the charge. It mainly includes the charging standards for the contribution and some mandatory operating service toll projects, which are not developed or modified according to the prescribed procedures, and the service service charges project charges for market regulation prices are unreasonable. (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Qinhua) Sharing let more people see.

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