Wenzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest of Criminal suspect Zhou Weihua according to law

  People’s Network Beijing November 26 (Reporter Zhang Tianpei) In July 2020, the Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province opened a casino case in Zhang Ningning and others according to law. It has been identified that the criminal suspect Zhou Wei is headed by Zhang Ningning, and the cross-border gambling criminal group of the backbone is suspected of being implemented in China. The circumstances are serious. On November 26, the Wenzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate was arrested by Zhou Weihua in accordance with the law.

  Criminal suspect Zhou Weihua, male, China Macao resident, Macau Sun City Gaming Intermediary One-person Co., Ltd. Shareholders, Directors.

  After identification, since 2007, Zhou Yaxuan has contracted the casino hall in Macau and other places, and opened a network gambling platform in the Philippines in 2016. In order to obtain illegal interests, Zhou Yaxian develops domestic people to become shareholder-level agents and gambling agents, through high credit, promotion gambling business, providing vehicle transfer services and technical support, etc., Organize Chinese citizens to go to their contracted overseas gambling hall gambling, Participate in cross-border online gambling activities; set up an asset management company in China to exchange gambling chips for gamblers, help recover gambling debts, assist customers in cross-border funds to pay; use the illegal channels such as underground Qianzhuang to provide gamblers The fund settlement service, gradually forming Zhou Yuhua, Zhang Ningning and others are a cross-border gambling criminal group for the backbone, fixed personnel, clear level, and many people. According to reports, as of July 2020, Zhou Yuhua, a total of 199 people, developed a shareholder-level agent, and developing gambling agents, and developing more than 80,000 gamblers in China, the amount involved is particularly huge. It hinds my country’s social management order.

  According to the facts identified by the public security organs, in accordance with the laws of the "Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China" The People’s Republic of China Criminal Procedure Law, Wenzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate decided to arrest the criminal suspect Zhou Weihua according to law. The public security organ has urged him to surrender as soon as possible and strive to be widely treated.

  In addition, Zhang Ningning, who is headed by Zhou Yuhua, has been published by Wenzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate by Wenzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate by Wenzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate.

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