"145" plans to transform 6243 old communities in the town

On June 14, the reporter learned from the Provincial Housing and Construction Department that "the special plan for the urban old community in Jiangxi Province (2021-2025)" has completed and reported to the provincial government. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the province has plans to transform 6,243 urban old communities, involving approximately 10,000 households, estimated total investment of billion yuan.

Among them, 4598 communities mainly-based, and 105 units mainly-based, the main community is the main community, which is the main community, which is mainly mainly transformed.

According to the bottom, the province has a total of 8,087 urban old communities before the end of 2005, involving 1.6 million households, 10,000 buildings, total construction area of ??100 million square meters.

Since 2019, our province has promoted the transformation of urban old community as a major people’s livelihood project and development project, according to the requirements of building a complete residential community, focusing on municipal infrastructure and public service short boards, greatly enhances the level of community human environment. In 2019 to 2021, 3469 urban old communities included in the central subsidies support renovation program, involving 10,000 households. As of the end of May this year, 2020, the province’s old community planned mission completed the transformation of 10,000 households, and the number of households was%. The 2021 planned task has taken tens of thousands of households, and the number of households is starting. In our province, the environmental rectification and infrastructure renovation as an important part of the old community renovation, paying attention to demolition, clearing the construction, governance dirt chaos, excellent environment and strong function, quality, and currently dismantling about 1020,000 Square meter; demolition or installation of anti-theft window (net) approximately 2.90,000 square meters. After the transformation of the old community environment, it has solved the obstruction of the masses who want to resolve and unresolved, and achieve the area of ??service facilities, public space sharing sharing, comprehensively improve the reconstructed cell function and quality.

In the process of retronom in the old community, our province adheres to the people-oriented, fully listening to public opinion, and the transformation of the people participate in the participation, the renovation effect is evaluated by the masses, and the online line is enjoys, and the people are fully stimulated. The community is transformed, ensuring that the old community transformation becomes a people’s heart project.

(Reporter Yang Biyu) (Editor: Rona, Qiu Wei).

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