Persistent antibacterial antivirus + far infrared radiation Zihong Zeecare gives you a healthy and comfortable experience

Speaking of the history of socks, can be traced back to Xia Dynasty, the earliest is in the upper society, representing noble identity, is a symbol of identity. In the two weeks, the socks were further improved, and the production of raw materials was mostly ripe and fabric. The rich people can wear a silky sock, and those who have a little higher, and the socks are produced. With the modern society, with the improvement of the social economy, people have gradually improved the requirements of the food and clothing, no longer wearing a long time, breaking, and the new three years old three years seam supplements and three years The times, and more people pursue antibacterial, health and comfort. At present, the so-called antibacterial socks on the market are part of the use of silver ion antibacterial technology, and others are only ordinary cotton sals, and more socks with more socks, more socks, moisture absorption. Zihong Zeecare products use new human friendly biological antibacterial technology to better care our foot. Beijing Zihong Protection Technology Co., Ltd. focused on the production and sales of textiles in Zeecare series of health protection. The first product that is currently introducing to the market is a high-grade combed cotton stockings with excellent antibacterial deodorization and far infrared radiation. Zihong Zeecare product series, using combed cotton biological antibacterial pneumatic materials, AAA-grade antibacterial, long-lasting, 50 and after washing, 99% after washing.

At the same time, all infrared radiation function enhances the body microcirculation and self-health, high-tech nano-grade antibacterial and far-infrared materials, excluding heavy metal ion components high quality combed cotton is not easy to start, breathable, absorbent, flexible, high quality Process, excellent wear, is an ideal choice for modern people pursue foot health and antibacterial. The main advantage of Zihong Zeecare antibamartatist products is the technical advantage of protective new materials. It has bacteriostatic antiviral, infrared radiation and ultraviolet protection. Applicable people are wide, such as the footer, ash nail group, elderly and body weak crowd, etc. At the same time, primary and secondary school students wear Zeecare antibamartamase products can prevent athlete; young people wear Zeecare antibamartamart socks can effectively prevent athlete and eliminate athlete; young women wear Zeecare antibacterial socks, far-infrared is conducive to foot beauty, improve feet The old man wears Zeecare antibamartat socks to eliminate problems such as athlete and improve foot cracks.

It is worth mentioning that Zihong Zeecare antibacterial socks use high-tech nanoscale biological antibacterial and far-infrared materials, non-silver ions, etc. Heavy metal ion antibacterial technology.

The anti-bacterial ability is super strong. After 50 water wash, it is still more than 99% of the antibacterial effect of goldenogalacine, white candida, Escherichia coli, pneumoniae, etc., can kill H1N1 and H3N2 influenza viruses, and test the virus Live up to%; all infrared radiation function, enhance the body microcirculation and self-health, and care for health.

In ancient ancient times, only the rich officials have the right to wear socks, and ancient socks are not like this.

Today, the socks have become the most common and ordinary costumes, ordinary to most people’s eyes, there is a cheap cheap. Although socks always look solely, don’t forget to choose the socks such as Zihong Zeecare antibacterial socks, you can give you a comfortable experience, enhance your body’s microcirculation to care for your health. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

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