People’s Network Review: Blocking the epidemic transmission chain with a strict responsibility closed loop

Since October 17, my country has had a multi-displacement of local epidemics, which has been developed rapidly, and there are currently many provinces.

Although this epidemic communication chain is generally clear, due to most of the infected people have cross-regional tourism activities, the epidemic further diffusion risk is still increased. All local departments must strengthen vigilance, rapid entering emergency states in the epidemic area, do not monitor early warning, in order to protect the health of the people, promote economic and social development to create a good environment.

The epidemic is coming, and the prevention and control cannot be relaxed. From the perspective of this epidemic, on the one hand, there is a wide range of fluctuations, potential venture people have high liquidity, and the development trend is uncertain; on the other hand, the infectious, the virus of the epidemic is Delta variand, some cases The respiratory sample virus nucleic acid is high, suggesting that virus communication is strong, causing the risk of continuous distribution in exposed people.

Therefore, everywhere should grab time, grab the progress, do a good job in community prevention and control, strictly isolating epidemic prevention management, and curb the spread of the epidemic. It must be seen that normalization is not equal to normalization, low risk is not equal to zero risk.

In the context of epidemic prevention and control, my country’s epidemic prevention and control situation continues to be good, and the wishes of residents to restore food and clothing and hopples and hopasters are more intense. But the travel of travel is still unable to be, and the relaxation cannot be relaxed.

Outside the door must comply with local epidemic prevention provisions, in the human flow intensive district must be protected, the body is not suitable for medical treatment. The two cases still gathered in the card after fever, and increased the risk of viral diffusion. It must be taken to the ring, avoiding a good situation because of paralysis.

The tip of the hole can leak the wind.

From the glamor, a performance of Xiangxi has become a high-risk population. It is not only a spread of the epidemic from the Nanjing Lukou Airport. It will lead to Zhengzhou Minority Hospital in the hospital infection control. The relevant case has no explanation: in the epidemic On the prevention and control chain, from nucleic acid detection, isolation, to community control, treatment, each link abortion may make the epidemic prevention results before. In the field involving the lives and health of the people, we must adhere to "Ning Ci’s Ten Defense Nine Empty, not inventory."

At the time of the time, it is required to perform relevant responsibilities in personnel, units, key places, helping to form a strict seamless responsibility closed loop, cut off the epidemic spread chain as soon as possible.

Epidemic prevention and control is not only professional and technical, but also the test of governance system and governance. When the epidemic is coming again, there is more scientific decisions, fast organizational and powerful leaders to prevent and control the time and win the initiative. Previously, some places had problems with prevention and control measures in tissue nucleic acid detection, on-site order chaos, and increased cross-infection risk, inconvenience to the people’s lives.

Prevent busy mistakes, busy disorder, need to strengthen planning, improve programs at all levels, requires relevant departments to defend their soil, defend the soil and control the "copper wall wall" for the epidemic.

Everyone’s behavior has publicity.

Your "breathing" is not only about your own health, but also the safety of others.

Patients actively cooperate with treatment, involving investigated personally implemented personal report responsibility, other people pay attention to develop a good hygiene habit in daily lives … Everyone do a good job in the first responsible person of the epidemic prevention and control, and the dangerous virus can’t fight We, and more difficult battures will eventually win.

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