"His economic" era is coming: Chinese men’s consumption new tide

For a long time, men have always been at the bottom of the terminal consumption market.On a brush-screen consumption market value trend, it is a woman, child, old man, pet, man, male consumption value at the bottom of a woman from a high to low.

Really all the same? In fact, in an unnecessary, the "His Economic" era is quietly coming.

my country’s men’s consumption has undergone small changes in consumption species, quantity and quality, and began to occupy more and more words in the segment market, and the blue sea of ??men consumption is gradually formed. These interesting consumption phenomena, reflecting the transformation of modern social lifestyle and consumer cultural psychology, and corresponds to the new trend of my country’s consumption upgrade. 1 "His economy" was underestimated "His Economy", also known as the male economy, corresponds to "her economy".

After many years of consumption in "her economy", male consumption has sprung up, "buy buy" is no longer the exclusive of women.

At present, the mental impression of men’s consumer is no longer, "the defeat family" has become the backbone of the consumer market, and the border of male consumption is continuously expanded, derived into a variety of life and entertainment work scenes.

Various statistical and analytical data show, diet, accommodation, 3C digital, and clothing tide shoes are the most cost of male consumers. In addition to these traditions, the male consumer market in the field of beauty, entertainment, beauty and other fields is also open, "color heat" makes many men pay more attention to their own instruments. With the awareness of men’s value to improve their own value, "Magic" is no longer a female patent, and more and more men are willing to become beautiful. According to statistics, about 10% of medical beauty consumption in 2020 is male consumers. Medical beauty has become an increasing consumption expenditure after the epidemic, and there is a significant male trend.

Daily, medical beauty and other industries are also more focused on the development of male consumer groups, jointly promoting the male "color economy" market heating. In addition, male consumers are among the premises in the fiscal intelligual embassy class of fungus, tidal shoes, anime, and electrical talent derivatives in the game, tidal shoes, anime and electricity derivatives.

Industry surveys also show that male consumption behavior habits have distinct characteristics, and their involvement is continuously expanded, and the consumer items continue to improve, and they are keen on online shopping and advanced consumption.

Although the frequency of consumption of male consumers is not high, the price of guests per consumption is not low, and once it is paying attention to and recognizes a brand, the user’s viscosity and loyalty are far more women, the consumption energy and potential are not underestimated.

Image Source: Visual China 2 Single Tide Catalyzes the Advent of "His Economic" "His Economic", benefiting from the promotion of male economic capabilities and awakening of consumption awareness. The development of the online trading industry has also promoted the prosperity of the male consumer market. Single population, especially in which men are raised year by year, helping the "His Economic" era. The data of the National Bureau of Statistics shows that my country’s single population is worth 100 million.

In the seventh national population census data, the number of single men in my country is much higher than those of single women. More and more active single male group family burdens are relatively light, personal consumption ability is released, there are more dominant time and money to enjoy the self-satisfaction and self-realization of consumption.

Single male lifestyle and consumption behavior affect business forms and service consumption transformation and upgrading.

Suning Financial Research Institute’s senior researchers pointed out that there is a significant difference in consumption structure of single people and traditional families. Since there is no family’s burden, the savings tendency of single people should be significantly lower than non-single population, and the marginal consumption is far higher. In non-single population.

In addition, male consumers are stronger, and they are more keen on advanced consumption. In fact, from 2017, male online consumption has surpassed women, and places a place in the field of beauty, clothing. Men’s demand in social, self-worth is constantly rising, self-consciousness awakening, personal social identity, so he is more concerned about external image, and the cost of clothing and personal taste.

Buying skin care products, high-end suit, fashion watch and luxury cars, etc., becoming a typical feature of "his economy", and is also an important way for men to show personal abilities and charm.

Male consumption concept quickly upgrades to bring new business opportunities to the consumer industry.

Male customers are buying cosmetics Source: Visual China 3 excavation of personalized consumption potential in women’s consumption market, the male consumption market is not covered by a Jinshan who is waiting for excavation. From the market trend, the male group is more concerned about the brand concept and the value of the brand, and the brand premium is more concerned.

Improve merchandise and quality marketing concepts with well-known IP joint collaborations, national tide, "handmade, master, international award", etc., which is easier to attract male consumers.

In fact, men do not have no consumption needs, but need to explore personalized consumption potential, and promote the target consumer group through technology innovation. While consolidating traditional male consumption, pay attention to their continuous expansion of consumer fields, enrich product categories, and improve product connotation. Today, more and more consumer brands focusing on the male economy are favored by the capital market, and the "he economy" is the first to heat in the capital circle. Use the "His Economic" as an entry point to use the precise crowd portrait to personalize the male user, which has become trend and trend. In the moment, there is an important trend in China’s consumption upgrade context to go to gender consumption, that is, with the promotion of male self-image management and changes in gender division, consumption demand based on gender tags is changing, and the gender border of consumption is being Gradually blurred.

In this regard, the consumer group or more scientific is divided according to the interest circle layer.

From the public to the public, the consumer is gradually divided into young people, family, sports enthusiasts, health care parties, etc., and the insight into the consumer is also more refined, which puts forward new requirements for brand development. Of course, the change is not from its Zong, and the return to the product itself may be the winner of the brand. Whether it is "her economy" or "his economy", for consumers, good products are always the first element.

Original title: "His economy": China ‘s consumption rise ".

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