"Three Questions and Three Interviews" in Yongding Town, Mentou Tag District

Original title: "Three questions and three visits", the immortal nerve of Minsheng, these days, Yongding Town Yonghe Xinyuan, Yongding Town, Yongding Town, Yongsheng, opened a few "small club", and the central issue is only one: This year does not need to prepare new wallpaper.

It’s awkward in the flood season, Lao Li is a family in his heart. The reason is very simple, because the house is leaking, the wallpaper is "bubble" every year. Once the most serious, the double bed is also bubbled. "Although there is not much money to replace the wall, it is laborious. It is so special for this year.

"Li Guoyi said. In the 27 communities in Yongding Town, there were 7 old communities, 9 relocated communities, accounting for more than half of the total.

In 2016, the town has re-made waterproof to the top floor of these communities. The "caves" of the wall insulation layer has never blocked, and Lao Li is so troublesome.

"The total activities of each year in the town is only enough to transform 3 to 4 communities, so in 2016, the top leakage is solved, and there is no ‘peripheral nerve’ of people’s livelihood project." Yongding Town, the town of Huangjing said. From June to August last year, the new crown epidemic "tip nerve" in the "nerve" of the people’s livelihood was placed under the "microscope". Leaking rain can not be cured, the parking space is lacking, the street light is not bright … "small problem" becomes a 12345 hotline phone that is one-through under anxiety. That time, the number of Yongding Zhenkoguo settlement is 10, and the satisfaction rate is within ten.

The glare numbers become a caching that can’t be wound. What is the most urgent problem around the residents? How to solve? How do I have effective feedback? Three question marks allow Huangjing and the town of the two committees to hold a dispatch meeting again and again, hoping to make a clear problem, find a way. "The leaders and cadres of the town, although the number of people visiting the village package, the number of times visited each week, many of the peripheral problems, solved, naturally unsuccessful.

Huang Jing said.

At the scheduling meeting, everyone clearly wants to make the problem.

In the past, a single visitor is difficult to accurately cover. After in-depth discussion, the work mechanism of the town, the village, and the community came into being. From the leaders of the leaders of all levels, they are divided into social workers, volunteers, etc., to ensure that each of each household can be listened, listened. In October last year, more than 200 staff members of the Yongding Town Government and the villages and communities, and volunteers began a big visit. The problem of leakage of the housing of Li Guoxi is that in this big visit, the Shengdian Shengli summarized through the community is summarized on the town’s list of questions. At the beginning of this year, the town government was investing in Lao Li’s family and the residential building in similar problems made a wall insulation layer. Although still hesitating this year, he should not stick to the wallpaper, but the old Li Xin is actually a lot more than the past. Ask the needs, just the first step in the big visit mechanism.

In order to let the people in the town to participate in the people’s livelihood projects and community governance, Yongding Town has developed "I have a good home for a good home in March this year. Residents can pass this platform and town leaders directly, town leaders "dialogue".

In the suggestion column, the reporter found such a message: "It is recommended to build a parking lot in the west side of the hiyuan area, relieve the parking space." The screen is below the "order" and "reply" time, no By 24 hours. It turned out that the heads of Huangjing and the relevant departments came to the west side of the hometown area in the hometown of the Yumway.

After the research and judgment, it finally decided to transform it to a parking lot with approximately 250 parking lots to alleviate the parking challenge of the community. "Suggestions" applet makes the "Zhuge Liang" in the masses. Since March, Yongding Town solves the residents to instant to 10,000 people through the program.

Collect more than 300, adopted 109 implementation 109. Ask the needs to go to heart disease and ask the schedule.

The first two steps are good, and the third step is asking for the people, it is water to the stream.

Through three steps, Yongding Town "Question to visit the people’s visit, ask the three questions and three visits" working mechanisms of the people to visit, ask the people to return to the people’s Republic of China, form a complete closed loop.

After each return visit, Huang Jing did not forget to send a member of the residents.

A small card is listed on the property and repair the company. In addition, there is a number of community workers marked with black body, and residents can call these calls for help. "Three questions and three visits", let people’s livelihood projects become smooth.

Now in Yongding Town, the residents play 12345 hotline reflects less, take the initiative to give the government and community work. The social governance pattern of co-construction and sharing is increasingly formed in the town.

The reporter ‘s mobile phone visited the people’s livelihood "" forward "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" The three questions and three visits have a mechanism for reference. It is not difficult to see that "three questions and three visits" are all aspects of residents.

Question, engage in the hearts of the residents, hierarchical visit to ensure efficiency and coverage. Ask, encourage residents to actively admire, and let the masses are converted from passport to active.

Quitment, namely, return, a Wenyin service kara near the distance between the government and the residents, but also makes the daily appeal of the residents have more diverse feedback channels. "Three questions and three visit" let Yongding Town Organs and Community Cadres have deeper, solid, and also let the people of the region have more real feelings and happiness. (Editor: Mensus, Gaoxing).

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