Hainan introduced two free trade port supporting regulations to promote fair competition, combating consumption fraud

Thirty-five in the Regulations, divided into general, fair competition policies, fair competition review, affected fair competition, and seven chapters affect fair competition behaviors, is the overall competition Local regulations, the fair competition system of Hainan Free Trade Port is determined, refining the fair competition mechanism and responsibilities of the people’s government above the county level, strengthen the equity competition law enforcement, strengthen the important role of fair competition review system, strengthen social treatment, docking International Trade Economic and Trade Rules and other content, is committed to establishing a unified open, competitive market system in Hainan Free Trade Port, helping the universal domestic circulation and domestic international double cycle.

"Ordinance" combined with the actual situation of Hainan self-trade port, strengthening the fundamental status of competition policies, from constraints to regulate administrative power intervention market activities, clearly focusing on economic policies such as competition policies, equality, equality, and relaxing the market In the case of how to enhance the basic status of the competition policy, the basic role of the competitive policy; at the same time, the importance of fair competition review system will be fully intended to implement a fair competition review system into the regulations and set up special orders, in the country On the basis of consistently consistently consistently, the relevant policy is consistent, and some refinement regulations will enhance the scientific nature of fair competition reviews and strengthen their binding. "Ordinance" docking international traffic rules, clearly stipulates that Hainan Free Trade Port will strengthen international cooperation in the development of competition policies; learn from CPTPP rules and Hong Kong experience, establish and improve the reporter rewards and protection systems affecting fair competition behavior; refer to Hong Kong Legislation Regarding the approach, it stipulates that the relevant competent department can take the investigation of the investigation and other means, according to law, and propose rectification requirements. In addition, the markings of private claims and consumer protection requirements in the standard CPTPP, improve private relief mechanisms and consumer protection.

"Regulations" mainly for the current typical consumer fraud violations of Hainan, especially the tourist consumption market bulge passengers, highlight the focus, increase the credit, and follow the punishment and fairness, classification unit setting penalty.

Introducing a penalty "double penalty system", the operator is unit, the circumstances of the circumstances or the social impact is particularly bad, in addition to the punishment of the operator, the statutory representative, the main person in charge and other direct Responsible personnel will punish. "Provisions" also clarified the relevant subject responsibilities and obligations, the first rule of management obligations for the review, inspection, stopping and reporting of the trading market, aimed to form the formation of anti-consumption fraud society.

"Provisions" highlights the focus, increase the credit, follow the punishment and quite principles, and classify the setup penalties. At the same time, in terms of administrative punishment, some break through the provisions of the relevant previous law, some according to the proportion of different administrative punishments, the purpose is to achieve the legal effect of the criminals, no courage, and no legal effects . "Provisions" is the first national legislation in the country’s first anti-consumption fraud, and it is also the first national legislation specially specifically for consumer fraud.

Adhere to the "problem-oriented" ideas, combined with the actual innovation or refinement requirements of Hainan Province, with strong trade port characteristics and practical operability.

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