Hangzhou Jiande: Decadure Red Pilot Beautiful Rural Construction

Since the beginning of this year, the following to the beginning of Hangzhou, the following to the party history, learning education, earnestly put together the mission of the common prosperity, and focus on the "micro-embroidered" efforts of the tourism "micro-transformation", continue to promote tourism High quality improvement and high quality development. The Jiang Village, which is under the following to the town, has always adhered to the "green water Qingshan is the idea of ??Jinshan Yinshan", and the party members are committed to implementing party members’ responsibility. Combined with the intersection of the village environment, the construction of digital rural villages, improve the renovation of Dragon Bay stacked, drunk fishing and other photography points, build Huang Baoyhuhai, infinite rice fields, etc., relying on digital reform to shape Jiang Wisdom Tourism , Successfully organized the "National Photography Competition" and "Parent-Birage" and other events, and countless tourists come.

  In order to support the Jiangya state, the bottom of the city is free, and the villagers who introduce high-end housing projects, they encourage the villagers of Jiangcun to open a home and breakfast in the idle house, and realize the villagers’ self-employment and get rich. "To ensure the road, the reservoir, along the line lights, etc., we can build a project ‘microscope’, let the people feel at ease, let the people satisfied." The relevant person in charge of the following World Town Discipline Committee said. Establish a full supervision mechanism under the online line on the digital means to ensure the boutique of the people’s livelihood project. "Next, we will continue to carry out the work of ‘micro-transformation and improvement’, with a small micro project to take advantage of the overall image of the whole town, accelerate the construction process of 7 micro-fine projects, and further achieve infrastructure improvement, and the business layout is more Improve, the appearance of the town is greatly improved, and the cultivation of the town is a diversified upgrade, promoting the construction of beautiful towns. "The relevant person in charge of the following maintenance introduced. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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