Guangxi will be adjusted to increase highway tolls ETC preferential

Electric Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Transportation deputy director Wei Yong ball 17, said in Guangxi toll road to promote high-quality, sustainable development, to address the existing charging schemes operating costs and investment fees do not match, ETC usage rate not high, Guangxi has developed the new toll road tolls scheme, and held hearings on the price.

  Wei Yong ball at a news conference that, in recent years, Guangxi accordance with the time node requirements, at the end of 2019 and the national synchronized canceled 16 provincial boundaries highway toll stations, a national network run; at the same time, develop appropriate fee program, the truck toll billing fee is adjusted by the weight by car (axis) type charges, the interim 2 years. Interim period end of the year coming to an end. Wei Yong Ball said the tolls price hearing new programming principle to follow is: the gradual improvement of the toll road construction and economic and social development in Guangxi to adapt, manage, operate a virtuous cycle mechanism, further improve the toll road service capability and level of convenience the masses safe and convenient travel.

  In this regard, the Guangxi will be based on different sections of the capital and operating costs, the implementation of different lanes differential pricing scale, reflecting the "competitive prices."

Relying on the ETC system to implement highway differentiated charging preferential policies, improve ETC promotion and use rate, further enhance road network access efficiency.

  In order to avoid a substantial increase in traffic burden, Guangxi will raise fees of some models, some models of lower fees, and charges in line with the conditions of the bridge and tunnel alone accounting for four-lane, six-lane and eight-lane and over distinguish billing, vehicle toll charges to achieve structural adjustment. The new toll charges highway vehicles, buses basic charges are: four-lane highway remained unchanged, six-lane highway go up 5%, and more than eight-lane highway up 10%; passenger bridge and tunnel charges remain Change. Truck basic charges are: six-lane highway go up 5%, and more than eight-lane highway up 10%; truck bridge and tunnel charges are: six-lane highway go up 5%, and more than eight-lane highway up 10%.

The airport highway and the first-level toll road maintain the current charging standard unchanged.

  Guangxi will rely on ETC system is fully supporting the implementation of preferential policies and measures to increase truck ETC preferential implementation discount for Class 1 ETC toll highway truck loaded legitimate, class 2 to 5 ETC truck traffic fees for discount, ETC class 6 truck traffic fees for discount.

  After the Guangxi highway tolls by car (the shaft) supporting the implementation of differentiated incentives type charges, the overall price level in the country at middle, slightly lower than the surrounding Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangdong, Hunan basic flat. Among them, six-lane, eight-lane and slightly lower than the above charges, Guangdong Province, more than six lanes and fees.

(Reporter Lin Hao).

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