During the May 1 small holiday, Londo builders stiled to build a line to accelerate the construction of project construction.

In order to accelerate the promotion of project construction, Lendong actively optimizes the business environment, simplifies the approval procedures, and the service window is concentrated to apply for various approvals for enterprises and projects, and effectively protect the project accelerated.

It is understood that the total investment of 2 billion yuan of Lendong Zhongxing Ecological Smart Headquarters base project is 472 mu, with a total construction area of 520,000 square meters (excluding underground building area), the project is energy-saving and environmentally friendly industry, a new generationThe information technology industry is the core, the 12 major key industries around Hainan Province, focusing on the modern service industry and high-tech industries, major planning construction enterprises Headquarters base area, enterprise research and development base area, special design center and innovative incubator, ZTE environmental protectionGroup Hainan R & D and Exhibition Central District, Comprehensive Support Service Area, etc.

After the project is completed, 300 strategic emerging industrial enterprises have been introduced.

At the same time, the project is now accelerating construction, and the company will increase the company’s introduction and promote economic and fast development.

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