Shaanxi Provincial National Defense Trade Union held an advanced symposium on model workers

Wu Zhiyi, a member of the party group and vice chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Works, and the chairman of the Provincial National Defense Trade Unions at the symposium.Wu Zhiyi, a picture of the National Defense Trade Union of Shaanxi Province, emphasized that being recognized by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and the General Manager is an affirmation of the advanced efforts and outstanding contributions to the advanced model workers.You must cherish the honor and forever, and always stand at the forefront of the times to do the tide of the new era; to vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, the spirit of craftsmanship, based on posts, hard work, continuous innovation, and writing and writing for national defense modernization and writingNew chapters of high -quality development in Shaanxi make new and greater contributions; we must give full play to the role of demonstration and leading, use their own words and deeds to influence radiation to drive more employees, to condense the overall construction of socialist modern countries, achieve the second century -old struggle goal,Multi -strength, welcomes the 20th CPC victory with the party with excellent results.

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