Stopping employment discrimination cannot rely on job seekers "fight alone"

"985, 211 college graduates are preferred", "only recruiting personnel under 35", "hepatitis B carrier will not be hired" … Some employers set various recruitment restrictions to the staff, age, academic qualifications, family background, marriage, marriage, marriage Treating the situation and other situations, affecting the fair employment of workers.

Recently, media surveys have shown that nearly 70 % of the respondents believe that employment discrimination is the most difficult thing for employment.

  Employment discrimination is not new.

The employment discrimination that the public opposes mainly refers to those "first -funded conditions" that are inherently born and difficult to change. practice. Laws such as the Labor Law of my country stipulate that the employment of workers is not discriminated against due to different nations, races, gender, and religious beliefs. The functional departments have issued documents many times, requiring employers to not set up restricted recruitment conditions such as ethnic, gender, age, and household registration. But in reality, the elimination of employment discrimination has encountered various "obstruction".

  The breeding of employment discrimination is sometimes a "picky" and stress conduction in the labor market.

For example, if there are only a large number of undergraduates and masters of the secretary of college students who originally needed to come, the employer may be discerning; sometimes, gender discrimination and "35 -year -old threshold" are related to the traditional concept of employers.

  In reality, the clear employment discrimination is replaced by the secret, and the practice of hidden employment discrimination makes the workers suffer. Even if some employers do not write the conditions such as "under 35" and "not hiring women" on recruitment advertisements, they are actually doing so, and job seekers outside the door are helpless.

  Right now, as the employment season of college graduates, relevant departments have repeatedly emphasized that "it is strictly forbidden to release recruitment information including limited 985, 211 universities, etc., but only the practices of students from 985 and 211 colleges are not banned, and even expanded. tendency. Employment discrimination is full of tricks and is invincible, which is related to various factors such as difficulty and unknown punishment.

In the current employment environment, the employment discrimination is stopped or dark. It cannot rely on the job seeker to "fight alone" and require the "one -sided" system. At the two conferences of the country, a number of representative members proposed to establish and improve the legal system of anti -employment discrimination, so that the responsibilities of all parties can be clarified, which is the fundamental way to crack employment discrimination. This year’s government work report proposes to resolutely prevent and correct employment discrimination such as gender and age, and focus on solving the prominent problems of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of workers. This releases an important signal that the government will vigorously protect the equal employment rights of citizens and maintain a good employment order.

  Eliminate employment discrimination and make job seekers not difficulty, not to say that it must make it difficult for enterprises. The main body of the market is the source of the source of employment positions. While protecting the rights and interests of the workers, it is also necessary to allow enterprises to have vitality and rush. However, it should be noted that while opposing employment discrimination, it is not possible to interfere with the autonomy of employment and selection of enterprises. To see, employment discrimination often has deep reasons such as economic rationality and cost sharing.

Therefore, in the effective anti -employment discrimination system framework, it is not difficult to understand that it needs to include the shareholding mechanism of social employment costs. For example, extending female maternity leave may cause employment units to choose men to reduce labor costs. Then, in addition to increasing legal supervision, expand the scope of use of maternity insurance funds, sharing women’s fertility costs with effective means, and reduce corporate burden. Only to eventually help to form a fair employment environment.

  At the same time, the government must do everything possible to stabilize and expand employment, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and create more positions for workers. Regulatory authorities, recruitment platforms, employers, etc. should participate together to remove various "non -ferrous glasses" in the employment market. Employment is the "barometer" of economic development and the "cockpit stone" of social stability. Stable employment, on the one hand, we must regulate the structural contradiction between employment and promote the balance of supply and demand for the labor market; on the other hand, it is necessary to create a fair employment environment. In this way, we can stabilize more workers’ rice bowls and bring more workers and families to stable happiness. (Luo Juan).

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