How can a well -known car company advertising one after another, how can plagiarism scrape the wind?

  Recently, the advertisements of well -known car companies have fallen into a plagiarism storm, which makes people sigh: This year, the speed in the advertisement could not catch up with the speed of the advertising film "rollover". The first "rollover" was Audi. On the day of the lunar calendar solar terms, the advertising videos endorsed by Andy Lau are online. The words of overflowing beauty showed a screen -brushing trend, and the number of playbacks quickly exceeded 100 million. However, with the emergence of the original author’s right to defend the right of rights, the wind review of this advertisement also quickly fell to the bottom.

  Compared with Audi’s advertisements and the copywriting of "Grandma Manchu", it can be said that it is not badly copied. Although some netizens also pointed out after the incident, the original author’s understanding of the solar terms is not "original", and other people have expressed similar views before. However, it is impossible to deny that the overall copywriting of "Mantra of the Peking University" constitutes an original text work and should enjoy copyright.

At present, Audi has issued a statement on the infringement of advertising copywriting: It has been dealt with this situation, and it will give the public satisfaction to the public, and at the same time, the relevant videos are fully removed.

  Since then, netizens have touched the melon, and found that the advertisement shot by the Audi advertising film for BMW is very similar to the MV works of foreign artist SOHN. The composition, split mirror, and screens are highly similar. At present, related videos have been unable to open on many platforms such as iQiyi and Youku.

  Another "rollover" is Dongfeng Honda.

In the video, the heroine drove Honda to the simple village of folk customs, leaving her career.

Unfortunately, the entrepreneurial story of affectionate models stole the experience of others.

The party Ning Yuan posted a message: "I feel that my life has been stolen.

"Why do well -known auto companies have to" copy "the creativity of others? The reason is not just that the plagiarismer is" too thick ", but the cost of infringement is too low. In the eyes of many advertising practitioners, The reputation is not worth the article. Plagiarism is the shortcut of explosive popularization.

They seem to pay more attention to whether the works can "go out" and "swipe the screen", and can attract the attention of market and public opinion. From the legal perspective, the newly revised copyright law was officially implemented from June 1, 2021, and the statutory compensation amount was limited to RMB 5 million from June 1, 2021, releasing positive signals to protect originals.

Prior to this, the upper limit of the amount of plagiarism was only 500,000 yuan.

Therefore, for a long time, plagiarism has been a low -cost "adventure".

For some people who are interested in plagiarism, this account is not difficult to count: even if the plagiarism is reality, the loss of compensation is far from the income brought by plagiarism.

  On the one hand, plagiarism is good, but on the other hand, it is not affirmed by creativity. The gap between the two has led to the repeated "face" of the advertising industry. The industry is impetuous and lacks the endogenous endogenous power of creativity.

  After the Audi advertising incident, the China Advertising Association pointed out in the post: "Now the market’s recognition of creativity is not very high, and the value of the market is not fully reflected in accordance with the creativity, resulting in some people in the industry that some people may not excavate their creativity so carefully. . "In the field of creative content production, layers of subcontracting are all well -known secrets, and it is also an important cause of plagiarism. For the advertising industry, creativity is vitality. "If it is money, the bottom line can be thrown", which not only shames the practitioners, but also causes the whole society to think.

If the original results are not protected, the results of wisdom can be stolen at will, and let the plagiarism and plagiarism and the flood of plagiarism, and the rights defenders will eventually harm the industry’s foundation for innovation and development.

  It is also worth noting that "Audi brings out BMW and Honda" is more like pulling out the radish to bring out mud, which coincides with the media effect of "news tie", which is in line with the laws of news issues. Heated public discussion, the media concentrated on "firepower" to form a sound of public opinion. Under the spotlight, Shen Yan’s old illness was revealed. But once the limelight passes, the unscrupulous plagiarism is likely to come back. Therefore, if the advertising industry must get rid of the creative crisis, it is necessary to severely punish the horses of the industry to harm the group, build respect for the original dams, quit the impetuous atmosphere, and rationalize the logical relationship between creation and business.

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