Pay after leaving the field first! Shijiazhuang City opens a new model of urban parking intelligent credit

  The smooth and convenient urban parking is to accelerate the improvement of urban living environment, improve the efficiency of urban operations, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the city, and accelerate the strong guarantee of modernization and internationalized and beautiful provincial capital cities. Promoting the intelligent management of urban parking lots is a people’s livelihood project that improves the satisfaction of the public. The Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government made it as the No. 1 project of the well -being and people’s livelihood.

Shijiazhuang City Standardous Parking Lot Management Leading Group Office (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Parking Office) strictly implements the decision -making and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, aiming at the target to overcome difficulties, and promotes urban intelligent parking management. The remote query parking space appointment first leaves the site and then pays three functions for technical research. With the strong support of the Municipal State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other departments, the three -dimensional parking lot of the North State Mall, the East Square of the Railway Station, and the Ground Square of the North State Mall are used as a pilot. After multi -party coordination, commissioning improvement, and overcoming technical barriers such as technical barriers, on February 28, all three pilots run three new functions. The convenience and rapidness of new functions won the unanimous praise of citizens and parking lot operators. Simple operation: Just bind the license plate and no need to bind the card pre -stored. The user opens the WeChat Mini Program, searches for the vertical code. After entering the applet, click on the upper left corner, please authorize the button to bind the license plate number (after returning the homepage, the mobile phone number is authorized to receive the departure information reminder SMS). Parking space reservation function: Click on the homepage parking space button, jump to the parking lot that can be reserved, select the destination parking lot you want to go to in the reservation parking lot, click the appointment parking button, enter the appointment page, confirm the appointment time, click the bottom to click the bottom Pay button, the payment is successful, the appointment is successful, and you can enter the venue according to the appointment time.

  After leaving the field, the payment function: After the user binds the license plate in the platform, it will park the parking lot without a sensing parking lot on the platform. The parking lot will automatically lift the rod to the parking lot without paying the parking fee to avoid waiting in line.

After the user leaves the field, you will receive a parking payment reminder on the platform, which is convenient to pay the parking fee when it is convenient.

  Parking space query function: Enter the vertical parking applet, click on the homepage search box to search for the destination you want to go, display the parking lot information near the destination, you can navigate to the parking lot.

  According to the person in charge of the Municipal Parking Office, Lizhou Parking is currently an innovative technology running as a pilot operation. From a technical perspective, the remote query of parking spaces is relatively simple, as long as the data is connected in real time, it can be achieved; reservation parking spaces and paid before leaving the market are a convenient project promoted by the municipal government. It is necessary to set up when parking is needed. At present, there are 10 appointment parking spaces at the East Square of the Railway Station and the three -dimensional parking building of the North State Mall. Citizens need to operate in the applet; the payment function first is to solve the parking of citizens’ parking The problem of lining up is too slow. As long as the citizens authorize the license plate number in the applet, the system will automatically identify the system without the need to tie the bank card and other payment methods to achieve the instantaneous completion of the car, the rod, and the departure.

After the incident, the system will notify the owner to pay the owner by the platform information, text messages, etc., and the owner can notify the payment.

Those who do not arrive at the waste parking space on time after the parking space is approved, and it is prompted to pay the fee multiple times after leaving the field. The system also has a set of corresponding punishment measures based on personal credit points. The quality of its own civilization also helps the improvement of the image of the city. At present, the intelligent application work of Shijiazhuang City Parking Lot is accelerating. The Municipal Parking Office is accelerating the promotion demonstration point, continuing to promote the construction and application of new functions of the people and the people, and solve the large -scale business districts, large medical institutions and other parking lots and other parking lots to enter and exit the peak periods to queue slowly, which is easy The construction of the service platform will be implemented throughout the city after the conditions are mature.

At that time, a mobile app can achieve intelligent and convenient functions such as inquiries, parking space appointments, berth induction, and paid by all parking lots in the city. Fast and smooth, standardized and regulated city parking will become modern and international beautiful provincial capital cities. A beautiful scenery! The person in charge of the city parking office said.

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