“Met the old chief in the morning,I can see that the old head is in good health,Good spirits。”

“Grandpa retired a few years ago,It’s as unclean as in Shangjing,Go back to Ganning for recuperation,Not many people know,Usually grow flowers and vegetables,Plain,My body is much better。”
“Yes,Getting older,It’s a good thing to return to the rural life without asking the world,The filial piety of children and grandchildren does not add to the mind of the elderly,There is no problem with the old leader living a hundred or so years old。I’m afraid that my children and grandchildren are ignorant,Provoked some people who shouldn’t be provoked,Upset the elderly。”
“Uncle Wu is so worried,If you talk about me and Yifan,I also explained last night,It’s a little conflict between friends,We are all young,It is inevitable to bump into each other together,Just a little trouble,We are eating together at noon today,It’s in the past。Instead, Yifan wounded Ning Tao at noon today,Uncle Wu should really care about him,Turn around and persuade him,There is really no need to be so cruel between classmates,Not a deep hatred,Stabbing someone with a knife is too much!”
“Ning Tao’s not to say in advance,I’m not all because of Yifan。”
Tong Xu doubted:“Then you have other things to ask me?”
Wu Changan called up a photo for Tong Xu to see,In the photo, a foreign man in his 30s got down from a black car。
Then he brought up another picture of a prison that was obviously a foreign country,There is also this foreign man in the photo,Wearing prison uniform。
“Grudge between you young people,It doesn’t matter if you make a small mess,Yifan does not intend to pursue,But you should not find a foreign hacker with a criminal record,And this person is very likely to be spying in the country,The national security department has also intervened in the investigation。If you are an ordinary college student,Involved in this matter,It can be said to be caused by ignorance,But the old chief is your grandpa,No small matter concerning national security,Something really happened,It’s hard for old chiefs to stay out。”
Tong Xu is really dumbfounded this time,He is still an undergraduate student after all,No matter how deep the mind is, it lacks social experience,Tensed and restless for a while。
“I don’t know he is a spy。”
Wu Changan solemnly said:“Uncle believes in you,But uncle believes you are useless,Whether you know it or not,Have been involved in the spy incident。Right now you can only make things clear after one to five,Including who introduced you to,How many phone calls between you and so on,Only then can uncle think about the aftermath for you。”
The little fox is still tender,I was scared by the old fox and finally told the truth。
Only after knowing the truth,Wu Changan is more worried,Gan Houbin’s sentence will be reduced and released,Will Gan Yifan shoot him??
on the other hand,Wu Changan was also taken aback by the middleman Tong Xu said,It turned out to be Xu Chao, the old chief’s former guard,And Xu Chao is now working in Ganning Security Bureau。
This way,Wu Changan didn’t dare to neglect,Arrange Lao Xing out overnight,Take Tong Xu to explain clearly。
Working time tomorrow,Tong Xu has to go to the Business Research Department,Formally documented。
But Wu Changan doesn’t want to take care of this,He can’t control,Follow-up matters will be handled by the Bureau of Commercial Research and Security Bureau。

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