The waiter smiled and nodded,“Oh,What’s matter?”

“Excuse me,She was eating with a few people at the time。”I asked。
When this sentence is spoken,I can’t help but blush。
Without any explanation,This beautiful waiter should know,Why i asked this question。
“There seem to be several。”She turned her head and said to a waiter who was looking at her phone,“Xia,You come see,Do you remember this person。”
The girl named Xia came over and glanced at the phone,“Oh,Have seen,Came with several old men,I still said,This girl is so filial,And invited so many uncles to dinner。”
“Did you recognize the wrong person??”I asked。
Xia shook her head,Speak with certainty,“Absolutely will not admit mistakes。”
Hear this,I let my heart go。
in fact,I don’t believe it in my heart,Zhou Rui will commit himself to such an old man。
Now listening to the waiter,I feel a little regretful,Why can’t you trust Zhou Rui??
She marries herself desperately,Already explained,money、Nothing like status and everything is as good as her love for me。
I doubt her again。
Am I still a person??
After saying thank you,I went to the bathroom。
After getting up early,I didn’t even pee,and,Because of the rush,I didn’t even wash my face。
Come out of the bathroom,When I wash my hands and face,Suddenly I heard two waiters,Discuss in the women’s bathroom,One of them is obviously the voice called Xia,“I met a strange thing this morning。”
“What’s the matter。”

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