Chapter Fifty Jingshan indigenous

Got a lot of artifacts,Hu Hu is very happy,The broken bones seem to be half healed,Keep grinning,Tianzi Lei and Huiru Qiao are both doctors,There are also great effects,He recovers faster than a mortal。
The emperor Lei sees Hu Hu’s spirit still high,Nodding secretly,Thought:“Hu Hu can be considered a manufacturable material,A bit tough,I’ll be able to be independent in the future。”
Go out to lure the enemy,Only Lei Tianzi and Yuan Li are left,Experienced a life and death crisis,Yuan Li is much bolder,Sitting on the big gourd and kissing Lei Tianzi from time to time,Most of the time let Lei Tianzi in his arms,Big and big,broad daylight,Only two people fly,I just hope there is no end to this trip,No end。
Emperor Lei gave Yuan Li a lot of spirit pills,When you hug and hug, take the opportunity to help her get through the meridians,A few days later,Yuan Li Xiuwei soars,Become a spiritual cultivator,She is even more excited,I feel more and more that my choice is right。
The immortal cultivators in ancient lands are very cautious,The two of Lei Tianzi head west,Constant divine consciousness swept over from secret corners to look at the big gourd in mid-air,Lei Tianzi’s divine power is too strong,He taught Yuan Li to scan the surrounding area。
Because Lei Tianzi’s cultivation base is higher than Yuan Li,But he didn’t radiate spiritual consciousness,Instead, Yuan Li, whose cultivation base is weak, keeps checking,This flaw has aroused the suspicion of local immortals,I didn’t even dare to rob,People also have anti-investigation thinking,If something goes wrong, there must be a demon,Gently raised his hand to let go of the men and women of unknown origin。
Lei Tianzi said to Yuan Li with emotion:“Xiuxianjie is very sinister,Not sure,Few people who are bold enough to rob,Generally speaking,Those who are too courageous won’t live long。”
“Since killing is like weeds,Why are you so obsessed with cultivation?”
“Cultivation is actually a process of seeking,Longevity is only one aspect,And continue to accumulate experience,Make the mind strong,Let life be full of vitality,This is the essence of cultivation,Not like a mortal,I know where the end of life is when I was born。”Lei Tianzi said slowly,His words sound like deafening,Very helpful to Yuan Li,Lifetime benefit。
this day,A large lake with a vast expanse of water appeared below,Check the map and find that this place is called Mingjing Lake,Lei Tianzi sees the wind here,Beautiful scenery,Verdant trees,Now manipulate the big gourd to land on the lake covered with golden sand。
Put Hongna、Si Nansui and others called out from Li Wu Space,Even Hu Hu is lying in a rocking chair,Location is higher,Several people set the oven,Lei Tianzi shot and killed a tiger in the forest and brought it back,Just on the shore of the blossoming lake, peeling and cutting meat,BBQ Tiger Meat。
Sinan Sui prefers lively,Bring in a high-power audio equipment,Use battery to output energy,The earth-shaking rock music spread all around,Qiao Huiru smiled:“Be careful to attract nearby wolves。”
“I am not afraid of wolves now。”Sinan Sui clenched his fist and shouted,I don’t think she has enough confidence,Cautiously reserved。
Hongna sacrificed a flute of low-level magical instruments,Standing by the lake,High-pitched voice,Cover up the hustle and bustle of rock music,Lei Tianzi listened to her tune,I know she misses her people,Looking from afar,Don’t know how to comfort her。
The barbecue is cooked,Lei Tianzi personally opened the refrigerated beer,A sandalwood wooden table that is ten meters long is spread out,Everyone in a circle,Looking at the fragrant barbecue, salivating,In a good mood, Yuan Li holds a one-foot-long sharp machete,Put a fist-sized piece of meat on a plate made of pure gold。
Qiao Huiru handed out the small plates with garlic soy sauce,Ask everyone to eat meat with sauce。
Just about to start,A few gorgeously dressed immortals flew from the lake in the distance。

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