Who order first,Who will order,This originally,Just an indifferent thing。

But did not expect,The lads on that table quit。
A guy with yellow hair,Shouted to Shimeng,“Your name is Nima Chun,What to shout。”
A word from him,Immediately provoke the people at their table,All laughed。
“Just,This is not your Kangtou,What is spring。”
“Do you want to call a spring,Buddy can help you。”
They swear loudly one by one,Hard to hear。
Jiang Jing is finally angry,She got up angrily。
I feel a little bit in my heart。
Grandma,Are you going to cause trouble?!
Shimeng took her arm,“forget it。”
Jiang Jing glanced at Shi Meng,Then sat down。
“I knew this barbecue stall was so messy,Let’s go eat something else。”Shi Meng said。
Jiang Jing doesn’t want to fight them。
but,Those guys,But didn’t plan to let Jiang Jing go。
Yellow hair dangling body,Coming to Jiang Jing,He frowned and looked up and down Jiang Jing several times。
Suddenly asked a very beating sentence,“You are male,Still mother?”

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