Unexpectedly a few years later,When Yao Yun asked me to go out,I can’t make fun of her。

Is she not pretty enough??
Or because she is my boss?
I think neither。
may,I don’t have the xinxing I had when I was young, right?。
Waited for a while on the sofa downstairs,Yao Yun wore a purple dress and went downstairs。
This princess dress is very beautiful,Coupled with her looks,Like a beautiful butterfly。
“Let’s go and eat。”Yao Yun took my hand,Walk out。
In a nice western restaurant,I’m following Yao Yun,Eating western food for the first time。
Yao Yun talked about her relationship with Shi Meng。
original,Lu Rongsheng,Used to be the driver of Grandpa Yao Yun。
When young,Yao Yun’s grandfather had a car accident,Lu Rongsheng carried him on the mountain road all night,Sent him to the hospital。
Also officially because this time,They became irreverent friends。
later,After Yao Group was founded,Mr. Yao gave his company 1.5% of the original equity。
Lu Rongsheng changed,Became one of the shareholders of Yao Group。

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