“Does the robot have that precise effect??”Lei Tianzi understood in his heart,It is indeed possible to replace humans through computers,But the development of this matter matters,Very likely to completely replace manpower,if that’s the case,A large number of Leitian sergeants face the fate of being retrenched,So he didn’t move in that direction,This time only 5 billion sergeants were brought into the Black Wind Star Territory,I also have the idea of using robots to replace the regular army。

“Of course it can be done,I’m afraid you don’t want to use a robot。”Long Ji still knows some of her husband,Said with confidence。
“Produce a batch first and see the results of the experiment。”Emperor Lei is not too enthusiastic,I finally agreed to Long Ji’s suggestion。
Hong Na and Lei Xuan are not studying alone,There is a sound team behind them,Hongna’s people provide refining technology,Lei Xuan made scientific calculations and reasonable suggestions,Under the barrel、driving force、The speed of the bullet and other data are corrected。
Research on weapons is progressing relatively fast,Three years later, a super sniper rifle with a range of 10 million kilometers was developed,This is the second generation sniper rifle developed by the Thunder Team,Lei Xuan named“Laser gun”,Ammunition still uses Chishui ammunition,The quality of the laser gun has been improved by one level,Reached the level of the ultimate artifact,Higher cost,Just win,No matter how high the price is paid, it is not a pity。
Long Ji’s research is more difficult,Mainly because the physical requirements of the robot are a bit high,Because the Thunder Team has been fighting in the stars for a long time,Need to resist extremely low temperatures,Generally in the environment of minus three or four Baidu,And the weightlessness of the body,These conditions are nothing on the mainland,But in a special environment like the starry sky,Robots are required to have super physical fitness to meet the requirements。
Later, Hu Hu gave Long Ji a suggestion:“Mrs. Long,Since what Thunder Sky needs is a shooting robot,No need to be an adult,Even in the shape of a gun,As long as you can shoot and destroy the enemy,Anyway, the operating system is done by the computer,This is the automated system,I’ll show you it again。”
With the help of Hu Hu,Long Ji has a big brain,Remove the theoretical part that does not need to be tangled to create a product the size of two people,The appearance of this kind of thing is like a flat table,With shooting holes,There is a place to reload,Carry about 10,000 bullets at a time,Up to three tons,It can be said that the whole is made of iron steel。
The new robot has only one function,That is shooting,A sergeant can manipulate 10,000 such robots is more than enough,Bouncing and shooting are done automatically,Only the filling of ammunition needs to be done manually,The robot will not fill itself with ammunition。
When Lei Tianzi saw this kind of robot,Just said a word:“It seems that in the future, the elites of the Thunder Sky team are going to be mechanical workers.。”
What he said is right,The future battlefield may have a large number of robots that need this kind of smart shooting,The consumption of ammunition is also huge,Then put into mass production,Dispatched few soldiers for investigation、Just search,The most tragic battle can be done by robots。
Lei Tianzi named the shooting robot“Ghost sickle”,It means that this kind of thing is put out like a sickle of death to harvest the life of the enemy,The birth of the ghost sickle brought huge changes to Team Thunder,Can be called a military revolution。
The Lei Tianzi is pleased that the birth of the ghost sickle will greatly reduce the death rate of the Lei Tian clan sergeant,The problem is that it will cause permanent damage to Team Thunder,That means the military needs a lot of reduction,There is no need to reserve so much force。

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