“Otherwise,Film and television copyright,We can also adopt a similar pattern,You will never get less。”

“I can sell you electronic copyright and physical copyright,No other copyrights。”
Xiao Yang refused without hesitation,He is not going to《Ghost blowing lamp》Other copyrights sold,He knows best《Ghost blowing lamp》How precious is the copyright of film and television,This is a bigIP,He wants to keep it for himself。
finally,Edit helpless,Can only reach an agreement with Xiao Yang,Buy electronic copyright and physical copyright,Otherwise,Sales share。
Xiao Yang told the editor,《Ghost blowing lamp》Plan to write more than four volumes,At least 200,000 words per volume。
then,Stipulated in the contract,Just complete the four-volume novel,Xiao Yang can get the full copyright fee,If you create another volume,Manuscript fee is extra。
Such a contract,Absolutely unprecedented,But no way,Not sign the contract now,If Xiao Yang was poached away, the gain was not worth the loss。
of course,Xiao Yang can’t get the copyright fee now,At least wait until the first volume is finished,He can get the first copyright fee。
After signing the contract,The editor asked with a smile:“Teacher Xiao Yang,《Ghost blowing lamp》After the end,Do you plan to continue writing Tomb Raider in your next novel??”
Xiao Yang smiled,“rest assured,I really want to write,Will stay on your website。”
The editor is satisfied and left。
《Ghost blowing lamp》There are eight,Even if Xiao Yang doesn’t need to think,It takes at least half a month to write each part。this《Ghost blowing lamp》,Will be Xiao Yang’s first step to gain a foothold in the East China Sea。
Xiao Yang opened the website and took a look,《Ghost blowing lamp》’S book review section is very active,Book friends have reached nearly 100,000。
This novel,Completely on fire in this world。
To the radio at night,Xiao Yang continues to host,《Ghost blowing lamp》There are several times more listeners than yesterday,The storm of public opinion these days,Not only didn’t hit Xiao Yang,And indirectly helped Xiao Yang。
Zhao Xueyi was so excited,“I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s listening rate!”
Of course other colleagues are the same,All glory,Lose everything,They are also from Dongsheng Radio,I also hope to see Dongsheng defeat Donghai Radio。Fan Xiaoxuan looks complicated,I feel uncomfortable。
the next day,Listening rate is out!

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