Xiuxianjie usually entertains guests with spirit fruits and drinks,Which is tea,but,The locals don’t order tea,But it’s called bubble leaf,It is the kind that Mu Yuzhu gave to Lei Tianzi,Mu Yuzhu is generous,The leaves for Lei Tianzi are more advanced,Have a refreshing drink,Chutianya’s bubble leaves are of average quality,Lei Tianzi took a sip and put water in the tea cup and stopped moving。

Soon,A woman who covered her face with a magic instrument sat down next to her,Lei Tianzi and others didn’t care,I don’t know whether people are beautiful or not。
suddenly,Lei Tianzi heard the voice transmission:“Mr. Lei,Pan Hao wants to seek refuge in Heng Zhuoliang,what should I do?”
Froze for a while,Tianzi Lei just remembered,The female fairy in front of him is the gift he gave to Pan Hao,I remember her name is Deng Huanyi。
He hurriedly said:“Do you have evidence?”
“I don’t know what is evidence,Do you believe it or not。”
“Then wait for me,Don’t go back。”Emperor Lei couldn’t bear to bear Deng Huanyi’s involvement in Pan Hao’s defect。
In fact, the betrayal of the immortal world is too common,Mostly because of the distribution of benefits,There are also people who are afraid of death abandon their original boss and go to the strong。
Sit for a while,Lei Tianzi got up and said goodbye,Chu Tianya gave it away with a smile,Holding Lei Tianzi’s hand and said:“Recently there was a task,You prepare in advance。”
Tianzi Lei quickly nodded and agreed,Even if Chu Tianya asked him to die,I have to socialize the scene before me。
Chapter Seventy Eight A task
Birthday greetings to leaders means gathering together,See what the boss has ordered,Just give away some belongings,I can’t talk to most guests at the level of Emperor Lei,Because he was wearing the uniform of the army,No one dared to speak badly。
A low level of cultivation is a shortcoming,The military chief is a powerful man。
Lei Tianzi is also one of the commanders of Chu Tianya’s ten legions,Is a big man with a head and face,It’s just that the Clan Corps’ cultivation base is poor,It’s a pity,Class A Corps is Chu Tianya’s direct line of troops,All are immortal cultivators during the infant period,A mess of fighting power,Any soldier of Type A Corps can sweep Type C Corps。

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