Tianzi Lei couldn’t help but curse secretly,Starting from Zhu Kemi taking out the empty space,This home won’t be peaceful,Among all the wives of Lei Tianzi,Except for Hu Di and Lei Lan, who doesn’t know anything about the world,,He seldom stuffs money for someone,Even if I want to give some babies, it’s before marriage,I’m a family after marriage,Need to look at other people’s winks and the direction of the team,Lei Tianzi try his best to be fair and open,Earning money is also based on ability,For example, Qiao Huiru and Sinan Sui are such people,Not only doesn’t ask Lei Emperor for money,And give her husband some money from time to time,Worried about Lei Tianzi suffering outside all day long,This is a good and considerate lady。

But the family is too many,There are always a few uncomfortable,Such as handou,Another example is Gan Qian,They belong to people who are more domineering and incapable,The more it is insufficient,And compete with others for the baby,Always hungry,Makes Lei Tianzi very headache。
Qiao Huiru is the biggest wife in the family,She is the only one“Zheng Gong Empress”,Control the harem,After learning about the scene between Zhu Kemi and Han Dou,Give out your own money to every lady worth ten trillion yuan,Satisfy everyone,But Leilan said he couldn’t use the money,Carrying others to give Lei Tianzi nine trillion immortal crystals。
Lei Lan’s behavior moved the emperor Lei,Come to Heifeng Starfield,He really didn’t get a dime,There are so many around108Heaven and Earth,This is intangible wealth,Cannot be measured by value。
Maybe there is no one in this world without money,The bigger the career, the less money,Because there are always many people waiting to be fed,There are always big projects that cannot be done,Every idea needs money to make up。
In Lei’s entire system,Covers elixirs、Mixer、military、political、medicine、biological、Aircraft and other fields,There are almost no projects that Lei Tianzi does not dabble in,Leilan gave him nine trillion immortal crystals,Long Ji took away as soon as he changed hands,The reason is that the research on acid and alkali has reached a critical period,Need large capital injection。
Even leave,Lei Tianzi still asked all the people under his command,The question is simple,Just do secret voting through the computer,Choose yes or no two options。
If anyone doesn’t want to leave, they can stay,This method has always been an indispensable way for Lei Tianzi to walk outside,He needs volunteers together,Not forcing others to follow along,It turned out that 100% of people followed him,This shows that what Lei Tianzi thinks in his heart is unanimously supported by everyone,Do not rule out someone out of trust in him,Follow blindly,At least most of his wives are holding the idea of marrying a chicken, a chicken, a dog, a dog,Reluctant to leave husband again。
Emperor Lei waved goodbye to his son Lei Xianzhang,He only took away the five billion Thunder Sky Squadrons that he brought in,Lei Xianzhang left over 20 billion local immortals,Cultivator belonging to the Black Wind Star Territory,There are only 60,000 female fairies from the Black Wind tribe beside the Tiangang Disha and Feng Xianliang sisters。
In addition to personnel,There are still a million deserted ships and laser guns left by Lei Tianzi、Ghost sickle and other equipment,I’m losing money,I hope his son Lei Xianzhang will make a career in the Black Wind Star Territory。
Tianzi Lei has already found out,They entered from a bottomless pool,Passing through this pool is the second realm of coming,This news is provided by the Black Wind Race,When the Black Wind Clan had a peace talk with Team Thunder,Lei Tianzi proposed how to leave the Black Wind Star Territory as one of the conditions,The Black Wind tribe didn’t take it seriously,I gave the coordinates of here and other places to Lei Tianzi,It’s just that I’ve been busy since then。
Splash,Lei Tianzi emerged from a big lake,His hair is wet,There are even crystal clear drops of water hanging on the tip of the nose。
After his body came out of the water,Immediately use the spell to roll up almost a ton of quantity around you and send it into the fairy space,Give it to Long Ji for laboratory analysis,Mainly to see how the water quality here,Suitable for drinking,Water on the planet only occupies one hundred millionth of all planets,Less suitable for human consumption,Most water quality is polluted by poisonous gas and toxic substances,Almost one-tenth of a billion,Almost all water quality needs to be treated to meet drinking standards,Like purification。
Subsequently,There are a hundred more people around Lei Tianzi,The leader is Zhai Jun and the sergeant of her close guard,After coming to the new space,Lei Tianzi needs to investigate,Danger can happen anytime and anywhere。

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