A time after a time,The black toxins whispered in the old lady disappeared.。

Two times,The old lady is recovering,Breathing is normal。
Lin Feng’s face is like paper,This red leaf snake is too overbearing,If there is so many master guardians,He didn’t dare to try at all,He is now consumed by virtually ten.。
“Big brother!”Honghai looked at Lin Feng, who was a passion, frowning,This consumption is too violent.。
“Not,It should be fine.。”Lin Feng took a deep breath,He talks directly to the true gas。
“Nothing.?Maple?”Black and white hand asked。
“I am fine.,Uncle,What is the magic dragon??”Lin Feng asked。
“It is the white man in that night.。”Black and white hand explained:“This person is extremely sinister,fear,Be good at hidden in the darkness。”
“I see,It turned out to be him,Must be killed。”Lin Feng is cold,This person wanted to deal with him in the beginning,I finally didn’t shoot,I am afraid I haven’t found a chance.。
“good,This person is not infinite。”Black and white hand,Have an enemies with him,Almost unrecognracted hatred。
“Why do he deal with me??”Lin Feng asked。
“Maybe someone hires him to deal with you.。”Black and white hand contemplated:“But he didn’t have a chance in crossing.,Distance, I am afraid it is to deal with you.。”
“He is not small!”Lin Feng is cold。
“Boy,How do you get with him??”The black and white hand suddenly saw the big flight。
“I have implemented tasks in Southeast Asia.,Kill a few people,But I didn’t expect him to find it.。”Big fai thinks down to explain:“You can rest assured,This person is handed over to me。”
“never mind,Take care of your grandmother.。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“I will lead him out.,Some people are probably the price is not low.,He doesn’t move, I will not leave here.。”
The employer behind the magic dragon is not Dongxing is a tiger.,These two people have financial strength,I have a lot of money.,According to rules,This time the magic dragon is coming here, I am afraid that it will not give up the purpose.。
The magic dragon must be removed。
“it is good,Lin Feng,Kindness without saying thanks,I am here.,Always for you to drive。”The flying figure came to Lin Feng’s,His look carefully looked at Lin Feng Road:“The previous thing I can’t help but。”
“All acting in accordance with rules,Previous things don’t have to be said。”Lin Feng Road:“All right,I go first,Is there anything to call me at any time?。”
Lin Feng took the shoulders of the big flight between the words,A thick daily heart is introduced by the air,With vast life,Treatment of big flight。
“it is good!”Big flying slightly shocked,Backward:“Thank you。”
“let’s go。”Lin Feng looked at the Qinglong Dragon,Black and white hand,Hong Hai three。
Zu Qinglong,Black and white hand,Hong Hai three people nodded,I immediately went out,Two tigers,Wolf,The army and others have greeted。
“Maple brother,Thank you, you don’t think it is.,Consuming,I am waiting for my brothers.。”Wolf’s figure gave up,Single knee authentic。
“Maple brother,Thank you,Our brothers will never pay off the maple brother.。”The big army also respectfully。
“Army,Wolf,stand up,This thing has passed,Don’t say anymore.。”Lin Feng smiled and supported two people:“Have time to drink drink。”
“Thank you Feng Ge!”The big army’s face revealed a bitter laughter,I am a little annoyed when I am defeated.,But you will lose to the world of gambling。
What is the shame??
“Thank you Feng Ge。”Wolf also respectfully stood up。
“Be careful,There is something to inform two tigers them。”Lin Feng smiled and said,He suddenly saw the next young man wearing Adidas.,This young man looks like a wolf and others.。
The wolf and the army heard the words,Lin Feng immediately took a black and white hand,Zu Qinglong,Hong Hai et al.。
The army and wolf walked into the ward。
“Big brother!”The army and wolf have gone to ask:“Grandma is nothing?”
“It’s okay.。”Big flying deeply sucked a sigh:“Army,Wolf,How should we choose??”
“Big brother means?”Director of the army。
“I mean Huaxing’s future。”Dali took out a cigarette point:“We three times assassinate Lin Feng,Lin Feng originally wiped us Huaxing Society,We have nothing to say,But he did not do,I still take the initiative to save my loved ones.。”

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