“I will help me think about it.!”

“Do you want to steal from behind??”
“What is the idea?!If it was found,I will die very badly!And the mother will definitely know,Must be in front of her!”
“Then I don’t know.!”
“Think again,There is also a way!”
“Big brother,Are we really going out??”
“Well, I am also uncertain.,But it seems to come to find something to help.,We should have no problem.!”
The two are holding a hoe.,Hand heart slight sweating
“Minority,Is it a hospital door??”
“Um!The owner’s big and unspeakable!”
Small fur ball stands on the desk,Pull the window open a small seam。
“what?All out!no,I have to go see it.!”
Niu Niu’s light hand opened the door,掂 掂 外
“Big brother”
White wolf ran a small road,Seeing that the two did not follow。Also return,Talk to them。
“It seems that I don’t want to hurt us.,Look at it in the past!”
“it is good”
Su Qi deficiency is powerful,You can’t drop your big brother one person。
Big Brother doesn’t know what happened today.,With the magic
“How to run?Are we going up??”
“Want Want?Fang Cai!”
On the half road to the big green hill,The two discovered a familiar figure
White wolf stopped,Well wandering around、Low yelling,Still keep using the head to arch.
See Dacbo and Suqiang in a distance,Wolf screamed,Have an exide
It means very clear。
“Let’s take a look.!”
“Wang Cai this is born.?”
“seems like it!”

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