This will also explain,I am clearly inconsistent with the other party.,Why is the other party?“Seven Wuhai”Have a hand。

Task is completed,Night is originally wants to give Klockdal to the knife,But who knows this guy finally left one hand.。
Prepare the knife at night,This guy’s body,Actually sinking into the sand disappeared。
And in such a desert,Night wants to find this ability of this sand fruit,It is too difficult。
But Crowd Dal wants to continue“Seven Wuhai”,Obviously it is impossible.。
A young woman in the night,Just Klkdal himself,How do he use a dancing powder and a sandstorm, etc.,Has been recorded。
This phone is to him.,Because of the reputation of Clock Dar,Good in Alabasan,If there is no evidence,The national and navy will not believe。
Although Klock Darr ran,But believe in the news tomorrow,There will be Seven Wuheklodar,Because in Alabastan,Remove“Seven Wuhai”News。
When throwing the phone to Wei Wei,The latter is still like dreaming。
I didn’t expect that she just sneaked out the palace.,What a long time is plaguing Arabastan,It is solved。
Crowd Darl is invincible in their eyes.“Seven Wuhai”,Actually, there is no power in front of the night.!
Chapter 295 Hero of Alabastton“Night”!
Nicole is not there?,Originally, she thought that the night is like her.,Is the ordinary person who was forced to high-increasing rewards。
But now looks,Things are not so much?,“Seven Wuhai”Klock Darr,In front of others,I have never gone a few tricks.。
Don’t see if Clock Dal’s reward is only 83,000.,“Seven Wuhai”Famous head,It is not to be measured at all.。
In Robin,Night, this overnight of over 20 million,It is estimated to be underestimated.。
“pity,Finally, it was ran by the sand crocodile.,But there is such a phonology,I believe that the seven Wuhai, the Seven Wuhai, Klkkdal.,The Navy can also involve it.。”
Did not kill Klock Darr,Night is nothing sorry。
As he said,There is no deep hatred before the two.,Night completed the task,Alabastan has also received salvation,that’s enough。
“thank you,Night big brother。”
Wei Wei took the phone,Hold the night, I have a fullness.,And invite him to the palace to be a guest,She wants to let the father thank the night.。
Night no rejection,He is coming to vacation,Can go to the palace to eat advanced cuisine,That is nature is better。
Robin is also followed by them.,Just to compare Wei Wei that has been fully trusted,Robin for night,Still always skeptical。
Different little girls who have never lived by the world,Robin who wanders from the small forces,I know the people’s sinister。
In her opinion,The night of the night is,More like Crowd Dalgue。
She doesn’t believe a hundred pirates,Actually,Self-help help a country,Piece ugly face,She has too much time.。
But now she has not selected,Kroddal has been inverted,She must find a new mountain。
No matter whether night is not a bad,After that, she can know.。
Because it is obtained“Wu Tian”card,Night now“Hairstyle”Beading more proficiency,With two sisters across the desert,Also become easy。
Wei Wei, who has always cheered all the way,Robin is calm,At the same time, I started curious about the night.。

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