And Changfu is to see another thing.,Li Hui Feng This is chasing girls and even giving the whole vegetable factory to this girl.!One time,He suddenly felt that his care of my girlfriend seems to be half of Li Hui.。

Li Hui found an excuse to flash directly.。
Han Shanshan is also directly discussing with Changfu to go to the office.。
In the end, two people also reached a cooperation.,That is Han Shanshan, which is publicly transparent to Changfu’s purchase.,Also often Doming,Then, the goods will be upgraded on the basis of the original.。
Another point is that you can’t follow the same product for the lotus vegetable factory.。
For these questions,Chang Fushen has also been very happy and agreed.。
Happy all cooperation。
Vegetable Factory is also announced formal entry。
Vegetable factory, when you are in the air,The winery next door is slowly starting。
For the investment of the winery,Li Hui is also an increase in funding again.。
The same problem about the road in town,Li Hui Feng also has given an answer。
That is, these roads must be repaired.,Although not necessarily use professional workers,But it is ordinary workers as long as they do,Let’s give money.。
Ye Shuangzhou reported Li Hui’s things,Direct ticket。
After all, some people invest,Some people spend money,Can also contribute to hometown,Such a good thing,Even if the leader is also there is no reason to disagree。
Unless you want to drag the leg。
Winery starts,The road is also followed,The new round of construction is beginning.。
However, Li Hui is known,This round of construction is to complete this,Then there is a quality advancement throughout the town.。
Li Hui’s busy is in full swing.,Suwa is already a contradictory。
The first thousand three hundred fifty-four chapters of Suyang suffered a threat
How many times he wants to merge with the drug diet,But every time I suffer a blow。
No, Li Jia, there is opinion,It is customer opinion。
In this case,Su Qing is also an endless。
At this time,He also received a phone call from Li Hui Feng.。
What is Qixue Lin?,Su Qing is also known,Before Li Hui Feng has already mentioned a mouth,The same, he also sent people to stand for a while。
After investigation,I found that Yue Xuelin may be so simple that it is so simple to raise a chicken.。
There are still many mysterious organizations in front of the other party.。
This discovery,Let Su Chang cooperate with the other party,Also be careful。
Such a person is completely different from Li Hui’s style.,Very likely to have strength and no morality。
Yue Xuelin also didn’t expect Su Liang.,It’s a vigilant overwhelming。
He just want to inquire about the other party to store those Apple where,As a result, it was directly warned by Suwa.。
“Soviet brother,You apple is too expensive.,Twenty thousand,I can’t accept it.!”
“And I heard that people who have sold to the village are more than 10,000,000.。”
This is the words of Yue Xuelin,Su Qing is also laughing。
“Game owner,Twenty thousand people may be a lot for others,But for you, nine bulls,It should be not as good as you gamble.?”
“Moreover,Since you want to buy,So definitely, I have already heard Apple’s effect.,This effect is also seen on the face.,Otherwise, you can buy it on the market.。”

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