MrC is wrong……He leaked a person。

Dark king!
The palm of the other party did not use full,But the handling has passed into his body.。
Summer this thought it can be pressed easily。
But I didn’t expect it.,That power is extremely weird,Even in the body’s internal force and mysterious power,I can’t remove it。
not only that,When the two power collided together,I actually regarded his body as a battlefield.。
So much,The power in the body has been confusing,The flow of flowing over his flesh and blood,Impact-making handle,Hold his flesh and blood。
Unable to describe a pain。
Needs that summer is firm,It hurts straight at this moment.。
Plus the emergence of Liu Qingqing and the moon,Let him feel angry,Oversized。
“Happen,This emperor is ashamed to work with you。Even the fair battle is not dare,What is you?!”
Victoria,The body shape has passed a flash of lightning,Trying to save Liu Qingqing and the moon。
Her speed is extremely fast,Approximate transient,At the moment, I arrived.。
However, at this time,After Liu Qingqing and the moon, the body flashed a person before。
噼噼啪 脆 脆 如 如 如 子 于 于 于,Just in an instant,The two have paired the seven palms of eight punches nine legs.,Finally。
Victoria,Stare with the person。
But when you see each other,Pupil,“It’s you!”
“Blood emperor,We meet again。”
This is a young man with a silver hair.,The surface looks more than 30 years old,Good taste is extremely beautiful,Temperament,The look between gods does not hide the arrogant。
“Who are you?!”
Victoria drinks。
The first day of Summer coming to Gejorash,It is the criticism of ghosts,Fake Victoria’s Hand Blood Phoenix Close to Summer。
But it was broken by the summer.。
Later, Victoria came.,Has told the summer,She took a battle with a mysterious master.,平 手。
And the silver hair youth,That is the mysterious person of the night。
“Ok,See you so curious,I will tell you.。”
Yin hair youth’s face is full of smile,Antipoo,“My name is Cook,From the virgous family。”
Voice is just,Victorian face,Follow the endless murder,“It turned out to be your shadow mouse,I said that this stink is so familiar.。”
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