This problem is more complicated,Recommend human distortion and morality,Liao Wenjie did not reason,I don’t care。Anyway, others and others Dad,His outsper,No qualification station in the morality high point accountability,Love。

The result of searching clues is not very good,He strives to avoid this line of Fujiang,Looking for other possible possibilities on the door of hell,Go around,Go back to Tokyo。
Doubtful,Cautious,Liao Wenjie this time,Things must definitely not think so simple。
There is also a conspiracy!
Night,A red eye crow flying over the air,Half-faced concave trap,Falling on the railing on the railing。
Inside their view,A group of black men surrounded by a weaker brunette girl,A sudden,Burning the body with iron aluminum heat。
Dry this ticket,Several black people connected outside,Verify,Organization has planned to evaciate。
Such a big city,Multiple places simultaneously exploit the action of Fujiang,Successful,There are also confused by their charm,To say that a witnesses are not,Obviously impossible。
Can imagine,Soon, there is a new urban legend to be born.。
“Sure enough is big city,Demon demon has uniform uniform……”
far away,A wearing sunglasses,Dress up fashionable young monk to make this scene,Feeling the efficiency of Tokyo。
The monk name is empty,Huaxia Tibetan monk,Come to Tokyo for two days,I often listen to people.,This place is very strong,seeing is believing,People clearly united。
According to his knowledge,The number of demon ghosts in Tokyo is amazing,The intensiveness of peers is also exaggexted to some extent,No matter which side is,Survival is not easy。
“This place is not suitable for a long time,Hurry and complete the mission of Master,Hurry and leave here。”Flexible,Inductive heart,Turning a building of the street。
Thousands of years ago,Dark spread,The god of justice and the demon of the evil king have conducted a world battle.。
Specific reason for the reason is unknown,The name of the god of justice is also unknown,But the big name is very famous, who is passing down.。
Hell king?Joyful。
Hell king was defeated,Seal by the god of justice together with his hell,Self-reliant away from the world。
Time crossing,The world is contaminated,Precisely,Human is more dilated than before。
Hell’s seal is ready to move,Hell King saw the possibility of returning to others,Life‘Demon girl’Roof‘Hell’Ashuo sneak into the world,Open four connected Hell’s magic cave,At that time, the door of hell will also be very good.。
The empty master is in Tokyo is one of the magic cars.,God, the star is wearing the month,Block two demon women from opening the magic cave。
Change to another monk,Eat the Buddha all day,Suddenly come to Tokyo this flower world,Don’t say something to find someone.,Can look at the wallet to determine the mind。
Empty,Young Huihui,Unable to stay,Especially like contact with new things,Didn’t have Master,Come to Tokyo to sprinklehappyKeep。
Fortunately, Master’s order never forgotten,Sensing in the hell at the hell,Found this unique building。
Preparation of dinosaur model exhibition in the building,Strong item,Neon is a monster model.,The tyrants and the triangle dragons are vivid according to the proportion of equivalents.,The sharp thylaws are extremely sharp。
For ordinary people,Even for most practice people,These dinosaurs are just models,But in the empty eyes,These dinosaurs have become a hell creature。
“found it,Tokyo’s magic cave。”
Double-glance sweeping a circle,Empty cutting,Magno,Prepare for the upcoming dinosaurs that are about to wake up。
“This donor,You just said that I found the Tokyo Magic Grotto.,What means?”
A neon couple go out,Double-glance straight,Seeing the sum of the rules of the rules,Personality and empty,No diapers are in a pot。
Empty cut sunglasses,Point at your own nose:“Trouble you clear,You are monk,I am also monk,I called my donor, I am a little too much.。”
“so it is,It is poor to say something wrong.!Also ask the donor to answer,You just said that I found the Tokyo Magic Grotto.,What means?”
“Stinky,Do you deliberately?!”
Neon and still named peacock,Old Naishan Master,Master’s life,Prevent the magic cave from opening。

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