Le Zhenxi looks at the boss:“Can he bullied people everywhere without responsibility??”

“no no,This gentleman,you listen to me,He is really not like this,I usually get drunk and run to the beach to sleep.,I don’t know which one is in trouble today.?”
Boss is doing your best explanation,This kind of thing is also the first time.。
“Old three,what are you doing?
When you are drunk, go to the beach to sleep.,How to bother my guests here??”
The old three smiled and looked at the dream:“Beautiful sister,Play”“Play your uncle!”
The boss looks at Le Zhenxi’s sudden gloomy face,Interrupt his words quickly。
He knows people here.,It is not promising one by one.,He doesn’t want to be ahead,He still have to do business tonight.。
The boss also doesn’t care about the foot of Le Xi Xi.,Let the two stores dragged out of drunken men。
Then give Le Zhenxi to eat。
Le Zhenxi did not occupy him.,After the dream paste,Still bought a single。
Le Zhenxi pushes the dream softly out of the barbecue store,night,There are a lot of temperament on the island.,Not so cold,However, Le Zhenxi still uses a blanket to make a dream softly.。
Two people go on the beach,Month star,Deep night sky is like boundless and huge black curtain,Effelling countless gem-like stars,Shining。
Dream is tender and can’t help but laugh:“President,The night here is always beautiful.。”
Le Zhenxi also looked at a round of men in the sky,There is a special style。
“Um!We went to the beach。”
“OK,Tonight is not big。”
Dream is soft, I don’t want to go back early.。
Far away,The two have seen two familiar figures on the beach.。
Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin。
Blue Xin is walking in the water,With her footsteps,Water under the foot。
The sea is not very cool,Blue Xin made a land of Lu Hao.。
I can only look at the care of her.。
See the waves,Lan Xinjiao is running with Lu Hao。
“Ah Cheng,Fun。”
Blue Xinlu,I hit it in Lu Hao,Laughing the sky, let Lu Hao can’t help but kiss her lips.。
Suddenly the dream of the dog food:“”Lu Hao Cheng is reluctant to let go of her,Sink,“Don’t play,Water is too cold。”
“do not do it,I haven’t played for a long time.,A sweat,This sea water is not cool.。”
Blue Xin left his arms,Running towards the sea,Gentle night,She is happy, like the night elf,Also infect Lu Haozheng。
Lu Hao Cheng also accompanied her crazy.,The husband and wife have played forget me.,You chase me,very happy。
Sparkling sea,Can hear blue happy laughter。
Lu Haocheng as long as it is chasing Blue Xin,I can kiss blue and breath.,She looks red heartbeat,Le Zhenxi doesn’t want to go。

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