“This way.,Do you let the group hide don’t do too much?,It is still to give some faces.”猿 猿 日 神 神 神,I don’t know what I am thinking.。

“But this is not a way,Be better than us。。。。”Sliding Xiachun Eye。
“shut up,These incidents,That is the same as the impact on the leaves.,It will also cause hostility of other families,Wait until next year, look at it again.”I am not happy to fly.。
He got up to the door,Open the door,Then I looked at the two in the house.。
“You two are also the old leaves of the leaves.,Don’t dume too much,Let the group to do it.”
Tight door close。
Water households in the house and sleep in Xiachun,But there is no talk,Only the tea in the cup is still slightly smog。
And the spring here came to your own small room.。
There are not much other things in the house.,There is only one bed and chair table.,Some toys are placed on a shelf。
But seeing the dust, I know that I haven’t been moved for a long time.。
Spring puts the things in his arms on the table,Then look at these things pensive。
Ninja is definitely able to be used as,But it is not necessarily that it can grow rapidly.,I don’t seem to have a special place.,If you don’t work hard, you can estimate it can be a can.,I still have an eye of the cannon gray.。
Theft is some ways to grow rapidly.,Such as shadow,Tail beast,But no fairy,I want to use the shadow to cultivate the effect.,While talking about the tail,Don’t say that you can’t find it.,Can you bear a problem?。
What’s more, there is still a child,His strength has not changed, it is estimated that the English is dead.。
“Have no idea,It’s just a cool, it’s just a cool.”Springs crazy grabbed head。
I originally made a chaotic long hair was made by him into a real chicken.。
“do not care,Take a step by step,I didn’t even have Chakra.,Think so much?”
Quanyi grabs the table, the bitterness, I will play.,I still have a bitter.poss。
After all, the spring is also a fire fan.,For those who can still have a bit excited。
But I have been playing time.,Spring, I feel borne.。
Spring is put down,Pick up the scroll。
“Please dad,Give me a cultivation method of Chakra,Or a powerful sickness is also,I must work hard to practice”
Quan Yu prayed to Dad who didn’t know the name.,Then slowly open the reel。
“Forehead,Spread,Nature,I haven’t heard it.,Also give me a speech。”
“Give me the dearest son。。。。”
Spring is a big class that is brought by a big family.,I understand that there is no problem.。
Be willbe mention,Quan Yi did not hear it,Spring, look at it carefully.,Actually, a simplified stem of your father。
But think about it.,Subtock is not possible,Ninja has quite strict regulations,But homemade does not matter,Who do you want to pass?,Simplified surgery can also be made homemade。
Spring is seriously looking at the reel。
“really,My father is a ninja that is not a talent.,Just gave me such a tolerance,Three prints”
Although the power of 忍 术 is not printed,But this is a simplified tolerance.,Three prints,It is conceivable to know how much power is weakened.,It is actually a defensive tolerance。
Dad, you are so afraid that I am dead.,Give me the whole small fireball.。
Spring is helpless or carefully collects the reel.,Ok, it’s the first tolerance.,No Chakra does not use it now.。

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