Shen Jiaxing,Laugh:“Not good,Our company’s agent fees should always know.?What conditions do you have?,We can talk more。”

Wang traffic point:“Understand,There are indeed some conditions,But before this,I want to ask first.,How much is your company’s issuance channel??”
This is to try it.……Shen Jiaxue is in the heart,Self-confidence:“Wang always rest assured,The company’s founding time is short,But in performance,Already in the same industry,The advantage of the issuance channel is greater。
There are thousands of bookstores with our company.,Basically, the country coverage,Previously released《Lehman》、《Death planet》、《World football》Many games,Successful。
Wang always is also a game,It should be heard.?”
Excuse me,I have never heard of one.……Wang flows dark vomiting,Game he just started,Where to know these。But seeing Shen Jiaxing’s face is proud of the expression,Obviously, this achievement is quite self-satisfied.。
The king did not bear to fight him,Junction:“Such as thunder,So I will find you.,Thousand bookstores channel,It is indeed basically overwriting the country.,Your company really is unofficial。”
At home,The game is basically sold through the form of CD,Venimed as a book in qualitatively,Subject to the bookstore is normal。
Bookstore to buy a game,Listening to a little magical,But this is reality,The king has already learned,It’s not unexpected.。
“but33The agent is also a bit high.,Can you reduce your point??”
Shen Jiaxue:“You get what you pay for,This truth will not understand.?Our agent is divided into high receiving high,But high also high benefits。
Our sales channels cover the whole country,The general product of Wang,Can also spread directly in the country。
Simultaneous game installation CD、Distribution and publicity,It is also our company to bear,This is also a small cost,We also have to consider going back and profitable,The high fee is not very good.?”
“I understand what I said,But you have a cost,We also have,Game agent fee、Server build and bandwidth rental fee,In order to do this game,Before and then, our company has already entered 10 million.,Such a big input,We have to consider going back.。”Wang Division。
Acting fee is30Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Calculation with the current exchange rate of more than eight blocks against the US dollar,Less240Ten thousand。
More than 30,000 servers,One hundred sets of more than 3 million,Plus monthly125Wan’s bandwidth rental fee,Total investment has stabilized more than 7 million。
rounding,Can not be tens of millions?
Shen Jiaxing sinking,road:“How much is the Wang wants to drop??”
Wang Flow Test Road:“25How about it?”
“impossible,33Drop25,Eight points,Don’t say that you are just a new product.,It has been successfully issuedi,It is impossible to fall so much.。”Shen Jiaxing refused,The face also brought a little laugh。
Wang traffic face:“That is not to talk?”
Discuss,The initiative to negotiate is basically in the hands of the strong party.。
Wang Flow now has to rely on Yubi’s issuance channel,Obviously in the weak side,Status passive,I don’t have much words,But your mouth is back,It’s a few meanings.?
underestimate me,It’s too lazy to bargain.?
Shen Jiaxing probably knows that he has some lost attorney.,Face convergence,Sink:“Feel sorry,Astonity,The king is always。
Received your company’s business,I am spess from Shanghai.,Wang should be able to see it.,Our company also attaches great importance to this cooperation.。
only25Agency fee,Eight points,I really can’t do the master.。
How about this,Talk about it first today.,Waiting for me to go back to the company, please,Tomorrow, give the Wang Tong, how is the answer??”
“Can,Then come here first.,Shenyi slowly。”Be despised,Wang traffic is also angry,Faint。
“Wang always see。”Shen Jiaxing lord。
Wang Zhixin rushed to come over,A face:“How to talk about?Is the proportion of division depression??”
Wang Liizhu:“not so good,I just bid25,He said that he can’t do it.,I have to go back first.,Reply again tomorrow。”
Wang Zhixin’s mouth:“That is, I haven’t talked about it.?25,Nor number a lot,He can’t do it.,Still being too lazy to talk?”
“who knows,Let’s wait for news tomorrow.。”Wang Flow,I have been pessimistic about tomorrow’s results.。
as predicted。
the next day,Shen Jiaxue received a reply,The price of the king,Yubi said。
Chapter 149 Channels we develop
“Total Wang,I am sorry.,Our company’s current positioning is a big production and internationalization,Your company’s products and our conflict,There are also differences in the agency fees.,This cooperation can only be temporarily reminded.,Looking forward to cooperating with Wang and Wang。”
In the phone,Shen Jiaxing apologizes,Notify the king of this news。
A bit realistic,Cooperation,People are too lazy to come again,A phone will send him。

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