“Ai Yong,what are you doing!”

“Put down the gun!”
Those who support the second night have opened their mouths,And those opposition are gloomy,Laugh。
But they didn’t notice,The middle-aged man who just shot,The face has become slightly dignified。
Not just him,Another person who was originally lazy on the wall,Also stand straight,Look up。
They are the two god experts in Li Shukou.,The purpose is to deal with the second night’s hidden power。
In fact,They are not unstimed.,But……They are the people of Li Shu。
This time for huge interests,Li Shu took out the ultimate card。
However, these two people have the task of Li Shu,Some dismissions。
What hidden power,What hide masters,It is a group of earth chicken towers in front of them.。
However,At this http://www.rendegushi.cn moment, the two felt that if there is no pressure。
The pressure is derived from two women followed in the second night.。
Just now they come in a moment,It seems that there is no one thing,At the same time, two gods master have gave birth to an air machine.。
Who they are?
Is it the second night’s hidden power??
The two are somewhat unexpected。
now,The second night has already went to the field,All eyes are brushed,He Laixiu。
Do not stop in two people。
“Night,You finally came。”
He Lao Liu smiled。
Although the emergence of the second night does not http://www.minxingshiye.cnmatch the plan,Let him have a little surprised,But did not fear。
on the contrary,The heart is faintly exciting。
Because he has a basement,Two big god experts sitting。
Second night stop,Quietly look,Between the look is full of complexity,“Six uncles,Why!”
“Um?”He Lao Six is surprised,Smile,“So to say,You have long known?”
Say,He 瞟。
He is not a hit,Even winning coupons,Will be careful。
I am not easy to wait until this opportunity,In order to ensure that there is no loss,Put all hidden power,They all gathered in the 25th floor。
And the dedicated elevator on the first floor and 25th floor also sent people to guard。
Previous time,He has already discussed the Jiangjun.,At the time,Jiang Feihong will personally escort the second night.,Forced her to hand over all shares,Then announce the place。
He didn’http://www.qmysl.cn t see Jiang Feofeng,I didn’t see Jiang Feihong’s people.……So how is the second night??
He Yong naturally understood He Laixia’s eyes,I will tell a member to see the outside.。
That member nodded,Take a step forward。
He just got out of five steps,Sninding,At the same time。

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