“Not so serious?”Blue Xin’s tongue,Is the contradiction between this brother and her brother has been upgraded to this point??

“Humph!”Blue 然 然,“do not care, Tired,I have just come to her theory.,Her time is always playing with boys,That is called Han Yuxuan,I secretly give her a delicacy every day.,The two often hide in the canteen to eat,That Han Yuxuan is a chance。I care about her.,Instead, she was smeared with her face.。”
Lan Xin listen to these words,Unable to refute,Daughter makes http://www.yodei.cn friends,There should be not much problem,Be better than classmates,Also like this,Sneak with snacks,I will only give you a good classmate.,This is something that happened in every childhood period.。
Then,Second grade,I don’t have to fall in love.。
Blue Xin’s bottom,How can she think of her daughter?“Early love”These two words?
Cough……Her heart is coughing a few times,I don’t know what to say.?
“Ran Ran,Han Yuxuan is very good to Kiki,Don’t be too sensitive。”Blue 梓 Jun said onside。
Blue and bloody,Looked at him,“elder brother,Why is he only good for Kiki??Good things are only to eat for Kiki。”
Blue Xin:“……”How do she feel that she is straightforward??
NS1118chapter:It is yourself to abandon yourself.
Lan Wei Jun glanced at the younger brother,It’s a lot of days without quarrel.,This brother, two people can’t help but,I am a lot of trouble tonight.。
“Ran Ran,You can’t eat grapes and say that grapes。”
Blue and blue smile,嗤 嗤 嗤,“I am so rare.,I am going to school every day.,Welcome my female classmates to shoot a long dragon,Give me how to eat, I went to the cafeteria.,What is the http://www.csjlife.cn interest in Han Yuxuan?,I still can’t see it.?”
Blue son, small face,Good-looking eyebrows are tight,Very uncomfortable,Blue Qiqi’s little girl,I have to die.。
wrong,wrong,How can he be so embarrassed??Every time I can’t breathe the little girl.。
What is his line??
He is a little emperor,Cautiously。
Convinced:Cautiously,Dieting。Self-cultivation,Celebrity in the world。
Good words, three floats,Washed people in June。
He listened to it.,Just kidding,It’s a calmness that is his nature.。
When he really lost。
Blue sorrow, laughing, laughing, laughing,Sweet tone,“Mother,I slept。”
Blue Xin and Xiaojun look at it。
How did he suddenly not angry?,Come often not so good。
Blue and low channel:“Mother,His self-given it。”
Blue Xin laughs,Pull the quilt to give him a better。
I look down on http://www.libaidi.cn my son forehead.。
Blue sorrow, open eyes,Smile,“Mother,I love you,Good night!”
“Um!Mom also loves you。”Blue Xin voice is full of happiness。
Lan Xin and Xiao Jun have been arrived at 12 am.,Ou Jingfa news to Xiaojun,Let him sleep first,He stared at Xu Jinghe,In the second half of Night。
Xiaojun is also assured。

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