“Ha ha,Wu Xiong,You are wrong.,Congratulations can’t look small at any time,Once the small looks inevitably pays a heavy cost,All right,We decided to suppress the people。”Yang Yu Tianciful:“I hope that you should not block,You can rest assured,We will not be greedy in the magic treasure。”

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Chapter 1144 come out
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“good,Don’t use the heart http://www.foutj.cnof the heart of the heart!”The wild god has also left to carry the hands and laugh.。
When the two strong people talk,The strong people around them are looking forward to the Magic Mountain,Plus them together,18Sign。
“Humph,Time and space monument!”
Just at this time, a cold voice sounded,Wuli Tian and other strong people have a cold face,They have burst out of unparalleled light,A terrible breath rises。
A burst of the explosion of the nine-day gods came from the distant void,A magnificent,War pressure this kind of breath of the world is rolling,Appearing in this void。
An old huge monument comes from the sky,This monument is a time and space,Time and Tempoken monument from the sky,Directly fall in the empty mountain,Suddenly Yuan Magic Mountain has a huge pressure。
The blood of the blood sea is coming,The voids around the Yuan Don Mountain suddenly broke out of the sky,These floods are all scarlet blood,Blood with devastating power,Directly inunding the time and space。
“Be awkward!”
The sound came from inside,Huge cracks appear on the templary,Time and Tempoken monument in the middle of the middle, a dramatic trembling,There are huge cracks in two paragraphs,咔嚓 嚓 声 不 不 不起。
“Wu Xiong,What are you doing??”
Just at this time, I am disconnected.,Once the time and space monument has changed,All people entering people will be overwhelmed by this horrible blood sea,I don’t want to live.。
“Wu Xiong,Slowly,Slowly,Have something to say!”
Yang Yu is also colorful,Nima,Is this pothole??
“Oh,You do not comply with the agreement,Only this。
”Wuwe’s cold:“Allocate,Take away Time and Space,Back to the cold!”
“it is good!”
A loud voice sounded,Jiuwang rays,Inject the middle of the temple,The more dramatic in the middle,Want to get out of time and space。
“Wu Xiong,Have something to say,Allocate,Turn out to maintain time and space!”The wildness of the wild,He has a breathless breath,A light is injecting the sky。
Many strong people behind the wild god have lived in the sky,A terrible breath is injected into the depths of time and space,Suddenly, the trend of time and space monument is weak.。
“Time and Space Shendun!”
Just at this moment, Yang Yu is spelled.,Many strong people behind him have arrogant,The light of a road is in the sky, and the time and space is deep.,Time and Tempoken。
“Bamboo……”Sound sound,Time and Space Shendo starts,More and more dazzling rays come from time and space,Time and Space Shendo Passing the vastness of breath。
“Humph,You are too deceived.!”Wulkah’http://www.aqmprs.cn s face:“Don’t think we can’t do it.!”
“Wu Xiong,Anger,This thing we have never remember,Let’s tell the words today.,We can’t get empty-handed。”Yang Yu Tian looked at Wu Baidu:“The kid of the ethnicity got the emperor,According to the news,He wants to get a nine turn to God Dan,There are also ten fires,Nine flames,There is also a goddess,You can’t occupy all your cold.。”

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