“I don’t know if you are back.”

Come to tears open http://www.0755kobelco.cn the light,Hold Liao Jie,Facade distressed color:“How long is it?,You must be tired.,I am ready to eat.,You have a good rest for one night.。”
“Not,Morning arrived,Have a rest all day。”
Liao Jie bowed and kissed,Low the waist of tears,Come to God’s armed,Pointing the six-piece set:“Intelligence,There are six parts of God armed.,So spent a few days,You look,How do these artworks??”
Come and tear the intelligence skills,In addition to exaggerated lips,There is also an eye to identify the authenticity of the art.,Remember
I have money from a child.,Too many emperors。
“This is God armed?”
Come to tears fine check for a while,Simply in the eyes of Liao Jie to Shunde Shield, like a pot,In her eyes, it is extremely precipitated.,But because of the era,She can’t find the reference,Unable to assess the true value of God’s armed。
“Maybe your father will like it.,But I want to know how much you have eaten these days.。”
Come to tears and reach out of Liao Jie’s face:“A set of six pieces,I don’t easily find them.,Don’t say this time, it’s too easy to encounter danger.。”
“It is really easy,It is a bit more way to run.,From Africa to Europe,Not in the road,Just on the road to the road。”Liao Jie solid tells the truth。
“Deceive me,Every time it is。”
Come to tears hook Liao Jie’s neck,Deep kiss,She likes the place of Liao Jie,Is strong to the fallen security。
There is Liao Jie when he is around,She doesn’t need to maintain a consistent cool and savvy,Put down,Unconstrained,Little woman living。
窸窸 窸窸
Want to tears,Take the hand of Liao Jie:“Tired, take a break,Don’t always think about something,Waiting for me to solve the things on the hand,Take you with you to vacation。”
“Things on a hand?”
“Father and Burber in Germany,I called me yesterday.,Want to buy a kind of artwork with a bellhouse”
The helm man of Suzuki is a Suzuki Shiro,He has a brother called Suzuki Shuji,It is one of the founders and heroes of the development of Suzuki wealth valves.。
After the age,Suzuki Langji exits management,Leading a consultant’s idle,Tour World Collection、Artworks such as gems。
Two days before,Suzuki Lang Jihua heavy gold purchase a famous precious gemstone blue miracle。
Roughly,This blue tapping gemstone is a human fish tears,There is a storm、Protect the mysterious power of the sailor。
In the big aviation,The owner of the goddess of the sea gets this gemstone,Create a goddess in gold,Right hand high gemmite blue miracle,Golden goddess as a ship’s premise embedded in the bow,Meaning this ship to ride the wind,Always sail on the parallel line of the shipwreck。
Don’t say,Effect lever,The goddess of the sea really did not encounter a storm,But because the front image is too valuable,Be robbed by the pirate,The ship is in the scene。
Several turning,Blue miracle fell into the bell。
Gemstone is very expensive,But the artistic value of the ship is higher,Hayenz brothers are very eye-catching,Let the tears and buy money。
She visited Suzuki today today.,Suzuki Langji said in a partner,Can replace boat premise,But there is a premise,To be two days later,He wants to use the gemstone to tempted the thief,And grasp http://www.guang618.cn it。
“Wait a minute,How suddenly I pulled my necklord?”Liao Jie interrupted。
“It seems to be Suzuki Langji and the thief Kidd with private grievances.,The purpose of looking for a blue miracle is to catch Kidd”
Candidate tears:“I asked the reason.,According to Suzuki Langji,Kidd once took his headlines,So it sounds fake,I suspect that there is another reason.,Just he is not willing to say。”
“never mind,It does not matter,Compare this,I am more concerned about another thing.。”
Liao Jie smiled and came to tears:“If the thief Kidd is successfully stolen,What about you,Does the cat have to reap out the rivers and lakes??”
“Cat eye!Who is a cat??Dear,You know the cat?”Surpected tears。
Liao Jie:“”
Ok,This is washed.!
Chapter 424 Who are you not single?

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