Huang Mao color after being poked,Nowadays,“Secondo,Who tracks you,Hurry……”

He said that he did not finish,I feel that my neck is cool.,Turn the ground。
next moment,His whole person is directly from the car and the window.,狠 砸。
at the same time,The door is vigorously opened,The next two traffic,There are also one person on the driving position there.。
“Secondo,court death!”
“Kill him!”
No redundant,Three guys rushed。。
How can they play a summer?,Almost blinks,Until at this time,I know that I have encountered hard mychers.。
Summer mood is unhappy,No nonsense at all,Sanitary。
CapChalk Caraff 3 sounds in the dark in the night。
Three guys were all stuck on a arm。
Just when they are about to scream,Everyone’s ribs have been smashed,When the screaming is turned into a snoring,
Then twisted on the ground,The face is extremely distorted pain。
All this happens very fast,There is no sluggish in the middle,More than three seconds before and after。
immediately,Summer turn over,Watching yellow hair standing from the ground。
“Brother,brother……Misunderstand,This is misuse……”
The arrogant appearance of Huang Mei face,Threatening,Hard students squeeze out a ugly smile。
“We have never tracked you,What did the brother misunderstood?……”
“Why track Su Xiaoxiao,Who is your master?。What is the purpose?”
Summer is still a pair of ancient wells。
“speak out,I can let you go.。”
Huang Maoyi,Laugh,“friend,I am just here.……”
No more words in the summer,Big step。
“I am fighting with you.。”
Yellow wool fear,Rotating and distortion,Fierce light,Take a dagger from the back waist。
However,He is a flower in front of him,It is turned on a ground。Follow,Chest,Has been stepped on a big foot。
NS292chapter Unassay
Summer feet in his chest,Pour,Hold down。
“Who let you track Su Xiaoxiao??”

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