Chen Linzhi laughed:“How old are you?,Have confidence、Vastness,Dare to think。Even my foreigners are optimistic about your market,Foreign exhibitors at the Canton Fair are also,Head-resistant child in advance business layout,The future is bright。”

No matter in the afternoon。
Gao Bo learned to laugh,Didn’t put it on your heart。
Different from Chen Linzhi,He wants to hold the thigh to earn some money.,Let others call themselves a high。
So you like yours.,Leading salary every month,Eating and drinking,But no big money。
NS103chapter Hiller
I am busy in the afternoon to investigate all shopping malls.,By the way, go to the Friendship Mall to visit the circle。
The antique is posing in the counter.,All ordinary goods,The oldest plate of origin,Still a folk kiln,High price,More than 4,000 yuan。
Chen Linzhi believes they in front of the counter,I have already considered the consideration of experts.,Set a price higher than the market market。
The probability of things will not have false,But does not meet his investment collection needs。
So I didn’t show up.,Take a horse,Buy some specialty products,Directly left with Gao Bo。
Forward time,Near the evening to see the movie。
Movie name《thunderstorm》,Chen Linzhi likes a fast pace of popcorn,Parents are short-lived in good interested。
The film has just begun more than ten minutes, Chen Linzhi has already asleep.,Until the spread, woke up by Gao Bo。
Calculate time,I found that the name of the surname should have taken home from get off work.,So Chen Linzhi and Gao Bo learn the old Hu,Once again, the seven turns around and found a familiar courtyard.。
The second special trip。
Wooden door open,A young man is sitting at the small table to eat vegetables,Hand with a bottle of two pots,Blush,Drink alone。
Chen Linzhi, of course, believes that since it is expert,The age should be small。
Standing at the door knocking on the door,At the same time,Smile:“Here is the place where you live in.,Your parents are not?I listen to my friends say you have an old item to sell.,Specialize in the goods from Zhuzhou。”
I have heard that there is a buyer in the south side.。
Young man wearing gray clothes,Reserved white shirt,At first, it was not a police.,When Chen Linzhi said he was relieved。
Continue to drink a cup,Sentence:“Is the surname?,Do clothing business?”
“I invite the Malaysian leader to help,It doesn’t matter with him.。”
“Oh,Then you look for a place.,Those who have something in your hands are me.。”Young people repay。
Chen Linzhi will believe,See him to die around 30 years old,Instant alert,I am afraid that I am not careful.,Fall into the pit digging in advance。
Conclude,The manager of the horse is just a friend to help.,Relationship is quite unreliable,Leave a few hearts, you are absolutely correct。
Chen Linzhi raises his legs and cross the threshold,Side knocking:“It turns out that you are the year.,I see you so young.,I thought that my elders had something to come out.。”
“I will ask you to see him.,I worked for three years in the cultural relic store.,Later, I entered my museum.,Teacher is a cultural relics identifying the hipster in the circle,Your person is gently,Don’t see that I am not big.,Rapida is decided to find good goods。
Say it back,There is also a lot of defeatings from the elders to the good things.,Yes, it is a bad eye to see the goods don’t understand.,Why do you have to find an old man?,You will be willing to do this has an old thing.。”
Hiller name,Speak full,The ability to lift the bar is very powerful。
Genius just black,Sitting alone, drinking vegetables,Depressed mood。
Chen Linzhi guess that he was gone in work during the day.,Also or fall in love,Lazy,Transfer topic:“Listen to you,Is there something?”
“I participated in the eight years of work,The salary is full of,Sell,Total spent almost five or six thousand。Have to ask,Parts have,I can’t see the little girl in the late Qing Dynasty.,Most also have to be a clear three generations. I will be happy.。”

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