When she walked into the cave,She finds her fault.。

The cave house of the ancestors is very clear,Holiday water,Flowers and trees,The servants in the government have no blood, and there is no blood.。
Pass through a promenade,They came to a flower hall。
It actually plays a hot food.,Another wild,Not a flesh and blood of the monetary。Food exudes seductive fragrance,At this time she found,She has hungry。
The monk of the smoking fire is at least the realm of Dan.,As for the demon,They have never hunger strike,Make the diverted concept。
What Mrs. He has always been a day three meals such as ordinary people.,But eat very light。Even,That is also in the clear shop.,Random ate。
What’s more?,I have been scared in the end.,Many precision gods。
Xiao Xue got the old ancestor,Let them under the head,Inside the flower hall out of a lotus,Woman with a light yellow light dress,Siki。
She whispered to the small snow,road:“Snow Sister,After you have a mountain,Get more beautiful,What happened in the end??”
“When I went down the mountain,Unfavorable,The ancestor said that I am too weak.,Give me a hundred years of skill。”
“I am also very weak.。”
“Then you say to the ancestor。”
“I don’t dare.。”Xiao Chong spit into the tongue,Looking at the face of the snow,Be full of envy。
For a hundred years of skill, she can’t care.,But can become beautiful,She http://www.hhhtlxs.cn is very concerned。I heard that the double repair can increase the road.,I don’t know if the color is induced by the ancestors.。
“Let it eat。”
The voice of the ancestors sounded。
Everyone has no appetite,Also moving chopsticks,What’s more, in addition to Xiaolian’s cup,Have been hungry。
When the old ancestors stop meals,Everyone puts down the chopsticks together。
Enjoy a meal,Su Chen’s eyes fall in He Mrs.。
What lady is somewhat,Chao dust,“How is the old ance??”
“I want to take the jade on your body.。”
What Mrs. He’s heart is tone?,She thought that the old ancestors were very warm.。She is busy disintegrating the waist ink green jade。
Little snow came to take the jade,Hand to the ancestor。
Suizhen is in hand,Thinking,“See”Suspend a mysterious 文,The context of 文 is inherited with the stone monument http://www.shkaibei.cn in the land.,Obviously the same text。
Under the mountain,He noticed that the jade of the waist is very unusual.,Therefore, the Mrs. Mrs is in the mountains.。
The stone monument of the palace is the key to the suppression of the blood,Yusi’s 文 文 一 一 一 一,Natural is very unusual,Between the two,Should be connected。
“Jade I want,You can give me a request。”
Yusi follows what lady for many years,She is naturally reluctant,However, the ancestor of Montenegro,She doesn’t give it.。
What’s more, the old ancestors are not very horizontal.。
She naturally knows,Will not brain a hot,What excessive request。
He said in clearing,Point at him:“I want to fight with him as a couple,Also ask the old ancestors。”
Su Chen did not promise immediately,Because of the Qing Dynasty, he tried to test the skill.,In his heart,Not a position。
Even toolman,You can’t give a little dignity.。
“Do you hate her??”
As a result of the request of Mrs.,Can’t help but,Then the old ancestors questioned him,He doesn’t dare not return,Slightly paused:“What Mrs is very good?,I don’t hate her.。”
“good,From now on, you are a certain relationship.。Just, it is a wedding banquet.,Go to your cave.。”

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